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Classification and composition of engraving machine control system
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Engraving machine control system classification:

The control system of engraving machine can be divided into three categories: computer control, handle control and all-in-one machine control.

A 、computer control is installed in the computer motherboard PC slot control card, and installed on the computer driver to control the XYZ axis of the engraving machine walking and spindle motor rotation, you can preview the processing effect can see the processing track at any time, if the program loading errors can be corrected in time.

B、handle control that can be held in the hand to control the movement of the engraving machine.Save space, don't take up the computer;The disadvantage is the operation, relatively troublesome, after all, all the functions are set in a control panel, the operation is not skilled is easy to press the wrong function key.Widely used with all kinds of engraving machines (including four-axis linkage), no need to occupy a separate computer, greatly reduce the equipment space, in addition to the knife is also more convenient.

C、All-in-one machine control: independent all-in-one design, using industrial computer, PLC and other integrated control, rich interface, complete functions, can achieve multi-axis control and automatic tool change.Is mainly used for high-end engraving machine, machining center, and some of the mould machine carved machine, the anti-interference ability of the control system, as well as all aspects of performance, control accuracy is superior to other categories, such as the system in nc operation system and not the mainstream, but in the engraving machine control system is all-in-one such other mainstream, the disadvantage is that the price on the high side, to be more CNC numerical control machine tool, operational for some customers simple operation is better than the former.


Engraving machine control system composition:

Engraving machine control system, the core of the engraving machine, is the brain and soul.A good bed is a good body.To get it moving and make more profit for you, you need to give it a smart brain and a pure soul.

The controller consists of three parts: 1, drive 2, inverter 3, engraving controller and upper computer software

1. The driver, whose function is to accept the pulse signal provided by the controller to drive the stepper motor.One of the main functions of the driver is pulse subdivision.Every time the stepper motor gets a complete square pulse signal, it will produce a fixed step.Take the common two-phase hybrid motor as an example.The motor will generate a step Angle of 1.80 for each pulse signal.It takes 200 steps for the motor to rotate once.But when drive eight is subdivided, it takes 200*8-1600 steps per revolution.From this, it can be inferred that when the linear displacement of the conduction device is 10mm per revolution, the pulse equivalent is 10mm/1600 pulse -0.00625mm/ pulse.This is also the theoretical minimum engraving accuracy of this machine.The main brand used by enterprises in the industry is shenzhen lei oligonucleotide.

2. Frequency converter, its main function is to accept the signal of the controller and output high-speed pulse device.As we all know, the power supply in our country is 50Hz. The main function of the inverter is to adjust the speed of the spindle by adjusting the power supply frequency.

3, engraving machine controller, which is the core part of the engraving machine control system.His main function is to execute computer software commands, and control the inverter, drive work.

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