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CNC Router Machining For Musical Instruments
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No matter what period it is, every country and nation has used music to pass on its own culture. With the development of social economy, people's requirements for musical instruments are gradually increasing, and the accuracy and appearance of musical instruments are gradually being valued by people. Therefore, every component of the musical instrument needs to be cut to exact specifications and made to interact properly in order to produce a beautiful range of sounds.
CNC routers help musical instrument manufacturers produce large quantities of high-quality products on an efficient timeline, never sacrificing the performance of the pieces at any point throughout the process. And precision is where CNC machining comes in. The manufacturing process, used to cut away material from a solid block, can be used to produce premium guitars, violins and much more — for both the major mass-market producers and smaller businesses.
Musical instrument carving
The high-precision ATC CNC Router produced by ACCTEK is very suitable for the engraving and processing of musical instrument products. The auto tool changer cnc router has the characteristics of high speed and high precision, which can not only reduce labor costs, but also ensure the high quality of the products.
CNC Router AKG1212C lathe adopts industrial-grade cast iron structure, which is not easy to deform and has higher strength. The working surface of this machine is 1200×1200×200mm, which can meet the production needs of most musical instruments. You can choose different work table according to the size of the musical instrument to be processed. If you have special needs, you can also customize the machine. Below we introduce the main configuration of AKG1212C.
1. The 2.2KW water ATC spindle has low noise and low failure rate, which fully meets the needs of engraving and cutting materials.
2. Linear auto tool changer.
There are 4 tools to choose from. When the machine is working, there is no need to change the tools manually, which greatly improves the processing efficiency. If you are engraving complex patterns, you can also increase the number of tool changes.
3. Taiwan Hiwin guide rail, Taiwan TBI ball screw.
Smooth running and high wear resistance. Convert rotary motion to linear motion,drive the machine move. High precision, high strength and long lifetime.
4. Leadshine easy servo motor; LeadshineH-2758 driver.
The motor generates little heat and energy consumption is low. Smooth operation, low vibration and noise. The response speed is fast, suitable for frequent start and stop. Cheap and good performance.
5. MACH3 controller
We use Ethernet interface controller card, the program is installed on a computer connected to the control machine. It is the most common software for CNC machines in the world, support Winxp Win7 Win10, doesn’t need driver installed. Aluminum housing, shielding interference, stable and reliable.
CNC router
Overall, there are many ways that CNC machining technology can be used for musical instruments. It can supplement traditional modes of production and in some cases replace them altogether. It also has the ability to recreate old forms and aid in realizing new ones. Therefore, CNC machines will continue to be a prominent part of musical instrument production for years to come.
The above is the main introduction of musical instrument cnc router machine. If you need to engrave and cut other types of products, just tell us your needs, and we can provide you with purchase consultation and advice for free. I hope it helps you.

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