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An automatic tool changing machine with cutting knife
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    A few days ago I introduced a few automatic tool change machine, AKM1325C1AKM1325C2AKM1325C3, the price also is from low to high, three new machines each have each characteristic, can basically meet the needs of most people.Today I would like to introduce another machine --AKM1530C. This machine has an extra cutting knife. Let's see if it is the one you are looking for.

    Automatic tool changing cnc router is the highest technology engraving machine equipment, it has an independent tool library, can automatically change the required tools in the workpiece processing, do not need to stop work.To be able to carve complex patterns, choose different cutting tools, greatly accelerate the work efficiency, improve product quality.Automatic tool changing engraving machine is also the ultimate trend of the development of CNC engraving machine equipment.


    1. Dulian-style/straight-line knife storehouse is a standard machining center with high cost performance.

    2. The machine is suitable for the processing of diversified compound products and has a wide range of functions: drilling, cutting, trimming, etc.

    3, the table is a strip vacuum adsorption table, which can not only strongly absorb materials of different areas, but also use fixtures to fix various shaped materials, which is flexible and convenient.

    4. Row drilling is optional.

Basic Features

    1,9.0KW ATC spindle + a cutting saw

9.0kw ATC spindle for engraving and cutting normal materials. A cutting saw with 250mm diameter can cut maximum 120mm thickness sheet at high speed.

    2,Auto tool magazine

8pc linear type auto tool changers, ISO30. Don’t need to change tools manually when machine works, improve efficiency a lot. More tool changers is available.

    3,Syntec controller

The system stability is very good, the man-machine operation is friendly, easy to learn and operation, powerful function.

    4,HIWIN Guide rails

Rail works with slider ,drive the machine move ,with good bearing capacity.

    5,Delta servo motor

Faster speed with signal feedback . Low heat radiation . Run smoothly at ultra-low speed. Reduce the vibration ,avoid oscillation . Efficient torque enhancement.

    6,5.5kw air vacuum pump

The air between the workpiece and the worktable surface is extracted to form a negative pressure, so as to achieve the purpose of fixing on the work table. 


    1,Boring unit

Ensure machining accuracy and save machining time

    2,Carousel tool changer

Fast speed, more convenient, save processing time, high control accuracy

    3,Mist spray cooling system

Reduce the heat of material and workingtool bits .suitable for metal processing .


    1,Furniture: wooden doors, chairs,cabinets, stairs,computer tables, sewing machine, musical instruments

    2,Plate processing: insulation, plastic and chemical, the PCB, move the car body, bowing, track, stars anti-special board, epoxy, resin, ABS, PP, PE, and other carbon mixture

    3,Decoration industry: acrylic, PVC, MDF, artificial stone, plexi-glass, plastic, and copper and aluminum and other soft metal plate engraving and milling cutting. 

If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us.

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