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ATC CNC Router with horizontal spindle AKM1325C

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When processing plates, especially in the furniture industry, in many cases, after carving the front of the plate, we need to mill and drill the side of the plate to facilitate the later assembly of the plate. In this case, in order to improve work efficiency and save labor costs, we can choose an ATC cnc router with a horizontal spindle. Then let's take a look at this AKM1325C series cnc router with horizontal spindle.
The difference of this cnc router is that it has an additional horizontal spindle, which can first engrave the pattern on the plate surface, and then use the horizontal spindle to mill and punch the side of the plate. The operation is simple. Save the time of reprocessing the plate. The atc cnc router consists of an independent tool magazine, which can automatically replace the required tools during the processing of the plate without stopping the work. When engraving complex patterns, different tools can be automatically selected for engraving or cutting according to program settings, which greatly improves work efficiency.
ATC CNC Router
Main features of AKM1325C with horizontal spindle:
1. Equipped with disc type or linear type auto tool changer, which saves manual tool change time and improves work efficiency. It is suitable for the processing and production of large quantities of plates.
2. This cnc router is suitable for processing a variety of plates and has a wide range of functions. It can be engraved, cut, drilled, milled and so on.
3. The cnc router adopts T-Slot&vacuum, which can not only fix materials in different areas by gas suction, but also fix various shapes of plates with clamps, which is flexible and convenient to use.
ATC CNC Router
Basic features of accessories:
1. 9.0KW atc spindle + 3.5KW air cooling spindle
9.0KW atc spindle, used for plate engraving and cutting. The horizontal spindle with drills on both sides can perform horizontal drilling and milling.
2. linear automatic tool changer
8pcs linear type auto tool changers, ISO30. Don’t need to change tools manually when machine works, improve efficiency a lot. More tool changers is available.
3. Syntec controller
The system stability is very good, the man-machine operation is friendly, easy to learn and operation, powerful function.
4. Hiwin rail
Smooth running, high-speed silent, high abrasion resistance, and good load-carrying capacity.
5. Taiwan Delta Servo Motor
Faster speed with signal feedback. Low heat radiation. Run smoothly at ultra-low speed. Reduce the vibration, avoid oscillation. Efficient torque enhancement.
6. 5kw air vacuum pump
The air between the workpiece and the worktable surface is extracted to form a negative pressure, so as to achieve the purpose of fixing on the worktable.
ATC CNC Router
The above are the main features of the ATC cnc router with horizontal spindle, I hope it will help you to choose the machine. If you have other questions to consult, you can leave us a message, and our technicians will reply to you in time!

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