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AKJ1390/AKJ1610/AKJ6040/AKJ6090 Full enclosed type laser engraving&cutting machine
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Basic Features:

1、6442S Ruida  controller

Ruida control system, USB offline. The controller has better resistance to high voltage and antistatic ability

2、Reci CO2 tube 

Compared with the laser tube of the same level, it has high efficiency and stable quality, and its service life is 10000 hours
Laser head with red point

If material thickness more than 22mm, need add up and down table with auto focus
Mirror and lens

Dia 20mm, focus length 63.5mm CO2 znse laser focus lens and dia 25mm mirror

5、 HIWIN Guide rails

Rail works with slider, drive the machine move, with good bearing capacity
Stepper motor

Faster speed with signal feedback. Low heat radiation. Run smoothly at ultra-low speed. Reduce the vibration, avoid oscillation. Efficient torque enhancement

1、Up and down table
used for thick materials or rotary device
Water chiller
Cooling the laser tube,reducing the temperature of the laser tube and prolonging the service life.
Roary device
For load round shape material ,like bottle
4、Honeycomb table
Mainly for soft material, like cloth,fabric, paper


Leather, cloth, wool, fur, acrylic, plexiglas, wooden board, plastic, resin and other Non-Metallic Materials engraving cutting work.


Our dedicated and highly skilled after sales service department, sales team, and thorough quality assurance procedures mean that you can buy with confidence.  Now we own two workshops,one for cnc router and another for laser machines. Which covers 3000,00 square meters. There are 40 members in manufacturing and 21 members for marketing and service. All of our cnc machine appraoched CE Standard quality test ,America FDA certificate

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