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100W Handheld Portable Laser Cleaning Machine

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The 100W laser cleaning machine is a popular metal cleaning equipment that can efficiently remove rust, stains, oil stains, paint and other contaminants on the surface of the workpiece. ACCTEK has a handheld laser cleaning machine, which has the advantages of light and portable, flexible and adjustable parameters, and wireless control. It can be used in machinery processing, cultural relics restoration, mold cleaning, food processing and other industries.
Handheld laser cleaning machine
Laser cleaning is a technology that uses high-energy laser focus to act on the surface of the material to quickly vaporize or peel off contaminants such as oil, rust, and paint on the surface, so as to achieve surface cleaning of the material. The laser cleaning machine uses the characteristics of precise positioning to meet the cleaning work of a variety of modeling workpieces and achieve efficient cleaning effects. The portable laser cleaning machine adopts a rod-type chassis, which is convenient to carry. It is suitable for use in a fixed workshop and also suitable for use in places where it is needed.
This portable laser cleaning machine is equipped with a handheld laser cleaning head, an integrated design of buttons and handles, compact, light, and easy to use. Equipped with a 100W cleaning pulsed fiber laser as the cleaning light source. This MOPA fiber laser has the characteristic that the pulse width can be adjusted independently and the frequency can still maintain a high and stable peak power output under the condition of changing the pulse width and frequency to adapt to a wider range of cleaning scenarios.
The laser cleaning machine AKQ-100 is equipped with a special laser cleaning control system, which can control laser parameters and scanning system parameters at the same time, and is equipped with a handheld wireless control card. The control card is connected to the washing machine in a wireless manner, and can realize remote control of parameters such as scan shape, scan length, laser output power, frequency, pulse width and so on.
Handheld laser cleaning machine
The laser metal cleaning machine AKQ-100 is designed for portable agency pull rods. The chassis is made of integrated injection molding. The structure is stable, and it has a buffering effect on foreign objects, and is resistant to compression, falling and abrasion.
When using the laser cleaning machine, pay attention to the safety of laser protection. Laser will cause certain damage to the retina and cornea, and also burn the skin, so please wear laser protective glasses all the way during use. Our portable laser cleaner is equipped with protective glasses in the chassis, so there is no need to purchase them separately. In addition, after the power is turned on, do not look directly at the light outlet of the cleaning head. During the cleaning operation, it is also necessary to avoid that the light outlet of the cleaning gun head and the eyes are on the same level.
Laser cleaners can overcome many problems faced by rust removal and other industrial cleaning. If you need an efficient metal cleaning machine, please feel free to communicate online or send an email to

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