How to adjust the spindle's vertical angle of the CNC router
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Some people buy cnc router to carve wooden doors, shop windows and other furniture, some people need to do some advertising packaging, and some people need to use cnc router to do very delicate work. A few days ago, our after-sales staff received help , A customer told him that after he bought the cnc router, he found that the edge was not vertical, and there was an error after the measurement, and asked how to solve it. In fact, the solution to this matter is very simple, the answer is in the video. Let's go find it!
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B: Why are you still not off work?
A: My customer needs to do some high precision work with our cnc router, but he found the sample cutting edge and surface not vertical,it has the angle error during running .
B: How to solve it?
A: I think the vertical angle of the spindle needs to be adjusted. Let me show you how to do it.
Steps to adjust the vertical angle of the spindle
1. Turn on the machine and return to the machine origin.
2. Press the "TAB" key on the keyboard and adjust the movement rate, about 30%
3. Move the spindle to the top of the plate slowly and lower the z-axis until it is close to the plate,
4. Start the spindle, and drop the z-axis slowly, engraving depth is around 1mm
5. Move the x-axis, move 5 cm, then move the y-axis, the moving distance is the tool radius, and then the x-axis moves in the opposite direction
6. Move 4-5 times continuously
7. Move the y axis. Move 5 cm, then move the x axis, the moving distance is the tool radius, and then the y axis moves in the opposite direction
8. Move 4-5 times continuously
9. Check whether the tool runs smoothly on the plane. Loosen the spindle fixing screws, three screws loose one and a half turns, one screw loose one turn. If the front and back directions are not flat, use a thin copper sheet of appropriate thickness to pad the back of the spindle. If the left and right directions are not flat, adjust the main axis on which side of the flat plate is recessed. (The adjustment sequence is the front and back direction and then the left and right direction) and finally tighten the screws.
The above is the complete solution step. At the end of the video, let me ask you a question. If the inverter is not powered and other parts are normal, how can we solve it? Welcome everyone to leave your views in the comment area, we will explain this issue in the next tutorial video.See you next time !

Now you know the answer, isn't it simple?
At the end of the video, we summarized the solution, if necessary, you can take a screenshot and save it. If you want to know more, please come to our official website.
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