How to install and use the laser marking machine
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    There are many types of laser marking machines, which can be roughly divided into CO2 laser marking machines, fiber laser marking machines, semiconductor laser marking machines, and YAG laser marking machines.
    Among them, CO2 laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine are more popular.
    The price of the CO2 marking machine is relatively cheap. It is mainly used for non-metal and some metal materials. It has stable performance and can be used alone or installed on an assembly line. The cost performance is very high.
    Fiber laser marking machine is becoming more and more popular with the development of the times, because it has good beam quality, low power consumption, convenient operation and long life, but it is expensive and suitable for some high-end products.
    The laser marking machine either displays the mark by removing the surface layer and exposing the deep layer material, or displays the mark by chemically reacting the surface layer material, which is easy to operate.
    Today, I will mainly introduce the cost-effective CO2 laser marking machine.
    ACCTEK laser marking machine has high marking accuracy, fast speed, and arbitrary control of engraving depth; high laser power, suitable for engraving a variety of non-metal products; clear marking, not easy to wear, high engraving and cutting efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving.
    In order to make it easier for everyone to understand the laser marking machine, we took the fourth video, explaining in detail how to install and use the marking machine.
laser marking machine

Barry:Hello everyone, today I will introduce the installation and the use of our laser marking machine.
If you also have such a laser marking machine, this video will be helpful for you.
Installation and use of marking machine
1.Power cord
2.Foot switch
3.Rotary axis
1. Connect the power cord, foot switch, and rotary axis.
2. Connect the marking machine and the computer.
3. Turn on the air circuit breaker, main power supply, galvanometer, laser and rotary axis switches in sequence.
4. Import materials to set marking parameters
5. Use of foot switch
Barry:The above is the steps about how to install and use our laser marking machine.
If you still have questions about how to use it, you can leave message to us and we will answer it one by one, see you next video.

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laser marking machine

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