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What is the function of the CNC Router Machine limit switch?
The limit switch equipped with the CNC router machine is a protective device of the machine. The limit switch of the woodworking CNC router machine is to prevent the engraving failure beyond the scope of the worktable when the machine engraves. Once the limit alarm switch is triggered for some reason, the CNC router machine will stop running. This can protect the worktable and avoid the damage caused by the impact deformation of the worktable.
Generally, there are the following ways for woodworking CNC router machines to avoid triggering limit switches during the engraving process. Users can analyze and solve them according to the specific situation.
1. The engraving path is beyond the scope of the CNC router machine table. The software limit parameters need to be set in the engraving software of the woodworking CNC router machine.
2. When using the woodworking CNC router machine, the user should try to design a reasonable engraving range and set the corresponding software parameters. At the same time, pay attention to check whether the limit switch is flexible.
3. The connection between the shaft and the screw of the CNC router machine needs to be tightened.
In CNC router equipment, limit switch is one of the indispensable accessories. The user should check the performance of the limit switch before using the woodworking CNC router machine, so as to avoid failure, and the function of the limit cannot be achieved.

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