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What are the types of ATC CNC Router Machine

ATC stands for automatic tool changer. An ATC CNC router adopts an electric spindle which automatically loosens or clamps tools by the movement of the internal cylinder. And the electric ATC spindle quickly auto changes the cutting tools without stopping work. The CNC router changes tools automatically and greatly saves the processing time and manpower. Automatic tool changer function is the final trend of CNC router development. It is the best choice for large and medium-scale processing projects.
There are two types of tool magazines: linear tool magazine and disc tool magazine. Next we look at the differences between the two types.
Linear Tool Magazine of ATC CNC router
The linear tool magazine is a linear device that uses multiple tools. The tool magazine can be installed under the gantry or behind the worktable according to user requirements. For example, if the user wants to change the tool faster, the manufacturer can install the tool magazine under the gantry. If the user wants to leave enough processing area, the tool magazine can be installed behind the worktable.
Disc Tool Magazine of ATC CNC router
Different from the linear tool magazine, the disc tool magazine completes tool switching through its own rotation. The tools on the tool magazine are installed parallel to the center of the spindle. The disc tool magazine can be installed in different positions according to user requirements. The tool switching process only takes a few seconds.
If you want to improve workshop production efficiency and expand market now, then it is time to choose an ATC CNC router for your shop.

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