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Three-process CNC Router Machine carving wood

ACCTEK engineer is testing the three-head CNC router AKM1325-3. This three-head CNC engraving machine is also called ATC cnc router machine because its three spindles work independently. After the first spindle tool completes the first process, the second spindle tool will run the next process. Therefore, it is also known as a three-process CNC router, which is very suitable for processing different patterns on the same plate. It does not need to stop the machine for manual tool change, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the workshop.
The working area of the three-head CNC router AKM1325-3 is 1300×2500×250mm, and each spindle tool can reach the maximum processing area. Equipped with easy servo driver and stepper motor, it has strong power and reliable performance, ensuring the machine runs at high speed and stability.
If you need to process cylindrical materials such as Roman pillars and railings, you can add a rotary axis device. The rotary axis of this machine is 200mm in diameter and 2000mm in length, placed on the side of the machine. If you only need to process smaller cylindrical materials, you can choose a small rotary axis and use it directly on the machine tool table, which is more convenient.
The development of the furniture industry is inseparable from the application and progress of CNC Router machines. ACCTEK will customize a multi-functional engraving machine according to the needs of each user, allowing you to purchase the most suitable engraving equipment at the most favorable price.

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