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The difference between CNC router and laser cutter
Both CNC router machine and laser cutting machine can complete engraving and cutting work efficiently, so what is the difference between them? When choosing CNC equipment, which one is better for my workshop?
CNC routers and laser cutters work differently
Laser cutting machine is a kind of equipment based on numerical control technology, which uses laser energy to engrave or cut materials. The laser beam is emitted by the laser and can burn away part of the material to reveal the pattern and text that needs to be engraved. The cutting of materials is accomplished by producing chemical and physical changes on the surface of the material.
The CNC router machine relies on the high-speed rotation of the electric spindle, and uses the tool or drill to process the plate.
The materials processed by CNC router machine and laser cutting machine are different
Laser cutting machines are divided into metal laser cutting machines (fiber laser cutting machines) and non-metal laser cutting machines (CO2 laser cutting machines). Among them, the fiber laser cutting machine is a professional metal material cutting equipment, with high cutting precision, fast speed, and smooth metal workpiece surface without burrs. The CO2 laser cutting machine is suitable for the engraving and cutting of non-metallic materials, and can process acrylic, wood, cloth, etc.
The CNC router machine has a wide range of types and is suitable for engraving and cutting various materials with basically no restrictions.
Other differences between CNC router machine and laser cutting machine
The laser cutting machine is non-contact processing without fixing the workpiece, which can protect the surface of the material from being scratched. The CNC router is contact processing, and the workpiece needs to be fixed on the worktable.
Laser cutting machines are better at processing non-metallic thin materials and some materials with high melting points, but they can only be used for flat engraving. The CNC router can process 3D effect products such as relief.
When choosing an engraving and cutting equipment, there are many factors to consider. You can communicate online and get a free CNC machine tool selection plan.

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