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Solutions to the failure of the CNC Router Spindle

The spindle of a CNC router is a kind of electric spindle, which is mainly used in small and medium-sized engraving equipment, and has the functions of high-speed engraving, punching, and slot milling. This post will introduce you to the solutions after the spindle of the CNC router machine fails.
1. The spindle does not run after starting up
The reason may be that the plug on the spindle is not connected well or the wire inside the plug is not in good contact, we need to check whether there is a problem with the wiring; if it is confirmed that there is no problem, check whether the inverter has a signal or whether the inverter parameter setting is correct; if so confirm that there is no problem, it may be that the stator coil of the spindle hardware has been burned out, and the coil needs to be returned to the factory for repair and replacement.
2. The spindle stops after a few seconds of startup
The reason may be that the start-up time is too short. Properly extend the acceleration time before the spindle works, and then start engraving after reaching the running speed; it may also be the current protection caused by the lack of phase of the spindle, which requires us to check whether the connection of the spindle motor is correct; In addition, if water enters the spindle or insufficient water cooling, it is easy to cause hardware failures and needs to be returned to factory for repair.
3. The housing of the spindle is hot or smoking for a period of time after starting up and running
First check whether the water circulation pipe is unobstructed, and also check whether the setting parameters of the inverter are correct, and reset the inverter.If there is nothing wrong with these two items, it is possible that the output voltage and frequency of the inverter are different from the rated voltage and frequency on the spindle nameplate.So we need to check the reference frequency of the inverter.
4. The nut is loose when the spindle starts
Check whether the spindle rotation direction is wrong. If it is wrong, you need to change the rotation direction according to the mark on the spindle nameplate.
5. The spindle is noisy or the spindle vibrates
Basically, these problems are hardware problems. The bearing is worn out and the spindle has a big jump. It needs to be returned to the factory to replace the bearing or replace with a new spindle.
6. There is no problem in normal work, the nut is loose when shutting down
If the downtime is too short, extend the downtime appropriately.

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