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Panel furniture Woodworking CNC Router for sale
The increase in labor costs in modern society has caused more furniture manufacturing industries to choose woodworking engraving machines to complete the production and carving of furniture. And with the advancement of technology, the current woodworking engraving machine has more complete functions and more refined carving, which saves labor costs and greatly improves work efficiency, making it an ideal choice for the furniture manufacturing industry.
AKM1325 is a commonly used model of furniture CNC engraving machine. The spindle is 3.5KW HQD air cooling spindle, the speed is up to 24000 rpm, which can meet the basic engraving and cutting needs. This CNC machine uses the Mach 3 control system, which has a USB port and an Ethernet port, which can be connected to a computer. It supports Winxp Win7 Win10 and does not need driver installed.
The X Y axis adopts helical gear rack for transmission, so that the gear meshing degree is higher and the precision is higher. The Z-axis adopts Taiwan TBI ball screw transmission, and the guide rail chooses the Taiwan Hiwin square rail. Compared with the round rail, it has higher precision and better load-bearing capacity.
A feeding auxiliary wheel is added to the rear of the CNC router. When processing large-area plates, the auxiliary wheel can be used for feeding, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves work efficiency. If you need to add a dust remover device, the newly designed AKM1325 will give you a set of dust removal pipes, which is more convenient and beautiful to connect to the dust removal device.
This engraving machine is cheap and widely used. It can be used for wood cutting, hollowing, carving, lettering, embossing and other different processes.It is very suitable for start-up companies with low budgets and small-scale production and processing.

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