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Maintenance method of CNC machine vacuum pump
As people's requirements for the efficiency and accuracy of CNC router continue to increase, more and more cnc router manufacturers are now using vacuum table. The vacuum table is mainly used to draw the air between the plate and the workbench surface through a vacuum pump to form a negative pressure, so that the material is tightly adsorbed on the table. The vacuum adsorption technology is applied to the woodworking cnc router to greatly improve the work efficiency.
For cnc router that use vacuum worktable, vacuum pumps are required. To keep the vacuum worktable with good adsorption capacity, the vacuum pump of the CNC machine needs to be maintained.
1. After the vacuum pump is used for a period of time, the adsorption force will drop. The reason is that the dust particles of the sheet enter the pump cavity with the gas and working liquid, or the impeller is stuck. At this time, the dust particles should be washed away through the washing port at the bottom of the pump cover.
2. In winter, if the CNC router is not used for a long time, the liquid in the vacuum pump should be discharged in time, otherwise the vacuum pump will be damaged in cold weather. The solution is to discharge the gas in the vacuum pump first, and then let the liquid flow out after opening the water outlet of the water tank. However, there will still be residual liquid at this time. At this time, the vacuum pump should be rotated by rotating the fan until no liquid flows out, at this time the vacuum pump can be basically emptied.
3. The vacuum pump should be regularly lubricated under normal operation. After continuous operation for more than 20,000 hours or more than three years, the waste grease should be removed and new grease should be filled.
Each accessory in the CNC router machine has many details that need to be maintained. Only by doing every detail can the cnc machine give full play to its maximum value.

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