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Industrial ATC CNC Router Machine for sale
High quality industrial ATC CNC router machine is a CNC machining equipment with automatic tool changer. It can be used for many popular woodworking projects and plans, such as cabinet making, door paneling, trim, tables, and more.
This ATC CNC router machine AKM1530C is equipped with a linear auto tool changer and is loaded with 8 different tools. When the machine is working, the tool can be automatically changed according to the work needs, and the tool change time only takes a few seconds, and the efficiency is very high. In the video, you can see that this 5×10 woodworking CNC router machine uses three different processes during operation, and completes the processing of the wooden door in a very short time. CNC machine is efficient and simple.
1. Regarding the size of the CNC machine tool, it needs to be selected according to the maximum size of the processing material. 5×10ft CNC router machine is a commonly used model, in addition, 4×8ft CNC router machine is also the most purchased by users.
2. Select the motor type according to the machining accuracy. At the same speed, servo motors have higher positioning speed and positioning accuracy than stepper motors. So if you often run the machine at high speed, choosing a servo motor can better ensure the engraving quality. And the greater the motor power, the finer the engraving, and the more expensive the price. Therefore, you should choose the motor type according to the positioning of your own products.
3. Know the speed of the spindle motor. When buying a woodworking CNC router machine, if it is found that the spindle speed is not adjustable or the adjustable range is small, it is recommended not to choose it, because it will affect the quality of the finished product during use.
There are many types of CNC router engraving machines, which can be selected according to the processing needs to bring the greatest benefit to the workshop. If you want to get a free purchase plan, chat online now.

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