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How to clean CNC Router Machine
The cleanliness of any CNC machine affects its long-term value and operational status, and the operational status of a machine is very important to the shop floor. After the CNC router machine is used for a period of time, if it is not cleaned regularly, the wood chips produced by cutting wood will damage the channel, interfere with the movement of the main shaft, and may damage the machine itself in severe cases.
In order to maintain the cutting accuracy and stable operation of the CNC router machine, it is necessary to clean the CNC router machine regularly. This can not only ensure the operating efficiency of the machine, but also relatively prolong the service life of the machine.
Before starting to clean the CNC router machine, all power needs to be turned off to ensure the safety of the cleaning process. Read the precautions of the CNC router machine carefully to ensure that the machine will not be damaged during the operation. Check the dirt of each part of the CNC engraving machine, and select the appropriate cleaning tools according to the required cleanliness. During the inspection, it is necessary to focus on the inspection of the spindle, work table, guide rail and lead screw. These parts are often prone to dust and grease due to long-term use.
Use an industrial degreaser to clean the surfaces of all internal components and machine housing. Use the air nozzle to blow the ball screw, guide, tool magazine and table areas, taking care not to blow any debris onto any electronic components in these areas. This is very important to improve the efficiency of your plant. Pay attention to safety when cleaning, do not let some precision parts inside the CNC router machine scratch the skin.
Regular cleaning of the CNC router machine is an important part of its normal operation and prolonging its service life. When cleaning the machine, you also need to read the manual carefully and clean the CNC router machine according to the correct plan.

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