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How to choose the right CNC router machine bits?
The cutting, engraving and milling of woodworking CNC router machines are all performed by drills. Choosing the right CNC router bits can help improve work efficiency and ensure high-quality machining results. This article recommends different CNC router machine bits for machining different materials. Of course, these are for reference only. The selection of the specific CNC router bits should be determined according to the actual processing situation.
1. Single-edged spiral cutter is recommended for acrylic cutting. Besides, a double-edged milling cutter or a cylindrical cutter can also be used to cut thin acrylic heets.
2. We recommend using dedicated single-edged aluminum CNC router bits for aluminum machining. Meanwhile, we can also use double-edged milling cutters for metal in case of low cutting requirements or hard aluminum sheets.
3. Round bottom CNC router bits are mainly for engraving relief patterns on non-metal materials.
4. Single- or double-edged spiral milling bits can be used to engrave softwood, MDF, original wood, PVC, and acrylic materials.
5. We can use tungsten steel-coated metal-specific single- or double-edged milling cutters and special flat-bottomed bits to engrave metals.
6. It is recommended to use straight groove milling cutters or double-edged large-flute milling cutters to process MDF, solid wood, multi-layer board and plywood.
7. Diamond engraving CNC router bits are a good choice for engraving and carving jade or other stone materials.
It should be noted that the thickness of the material processed by the CNC router machine cannot exceed the thickness that the cutting edge can cut and engrave, otherwise the knife will be broken or the engraving effect will be unsatisfactory. In addition, the toughness and sharpness of the CNC router tool should be checked frequently. If the tool is found to be blunt or the blade edge is damaged, it is recommended to replace it. Continued use is also prone to the risk of breaking the knife.
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