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Heavy-duty 3-axis CNC Router arrives in South Africa
This is a photo sent to us by a customer in South Africa. Some time ago he bought a heavy duty 3 axis CNC router in our company and now this machine has arrived at his workshop. Everything is ready, the industrial 3-axis CNC router is about to start a new woodworking project.
This 3-axis CNC router is a basic industrial CNC engraving and cutting equipment. It features a 4×8 CNC router table capable of accomplishing a variety of industrial applications. Including furniture panel pattern carving, wooden door cutting, table and chair making and other woodworking projects. The CNC router spindle is all selected from well-known brands that have obtained CE certification to ensure strong power and finer processing. Spindle power ranges from 1.5KW to 6.0KW are available, depending on the material you want to machine.
The new design 3-axis CNC router is equipped with a feeding assist wheel at the rear of the machine, which allows larger and heavier materials to be easily placed on the workbench. It reduces the labor intensity of the machine operator and improves the work efficiency. An alarm light device is installed on the top of the CNC router control cabinet, and the normal operation of the machine can be monitored in real time through the color flashing of the alarm light.
The XY axis of the 1325 CNC router is driven by gears, and the Z axis is driven by Taiwan TBI ball screw, which makes the machine more carrying capacity, runs smoothly, and ensures the high precision of the machine. In addition, the CNC machine tool is also equipped with an automatic oil injection device, which can automatically lubricate the guide rail and the lead screw according to the time setting. Make maintenance more convenient.
This 4×8 CNC router machine selected by user in South Africa is a hot-selling product of our company, the price is very affordable, and it is very suitable for industrial production. Learn more about CNC router machines and start communicating online now.

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