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Factors affecting the cutting speed of CNC router machine
CNC machining is the manufacturing process of engraving or cutting materials to obtain the final product. When using a CNC router machine to process raw materials, the cutting speed is a parameters that is often mentioned. Cutting speed is very important in optimizing factors like tool life and power consumption.
So what does the cutting speed of the CNC router mean? What are the factors that affect the cutting speed of the CNC router?
Cutting speed is generally defined as the relative velocity between the surface of the workpiece and the cutting tool. Some experts also define it as how fast the workpiece moves past the cutting edge of the tool. Machinists measure it in meters per minute (m/min) or feet per minute (ft/min). The cutting speed is a quite important factor in the determination of other parameters of CNC machining, such as cutting temperature, power consumption, tool life, etc. Its influence in these parameters serves as a significant difference between feed rate and cutting speed.
It is necessary to ensure that the cutting speed is optimum so that the CNC machining process will give the best part. The factors that affect the optimal cutting speed of CNC machining include the following:
Workpiece Hardness
One of the most important factors that determine cutting speed is the hardness of the material being cut. The harder the material, the slower the cutting speed, and vice versa.
Cutting Tool Material
There are different lathe tools used for various CNC machining. Each of these tools is also made with different materials, hence possessing different hardness properties. The cutting tool material will have a significant impact on the cutting speed used in a machining process. If the cutting material is of high strength, the machinist can utilize a high cutting speed to a little detriment. However, softer cutting tool materials will tend to wear out quickly with higher cutting speeds. In order to maintain the life of the tool, it is often necessary to reduce the cutting speed.
Determining the cutting speed of CNC router might be the factors that enhance your CNC machining process to get an qualified workpieces. Only when the cnc router machine runs in the best state, can it ensure the highest processing efficiency and obtain a longer service life.

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