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CNC router with vibration knife for processing packaging cartons
This CNC cutting machine combines a three-axis cnc router and a oscillating knife cutting machine, and adds a pressing wheel to work with the oscillating knife, so that a machine has multiple functions, which not only improves work efficiency, but also saves the need to add other equipment cost.
Customized CNC router machine completes the engraving and cutting of the plate through the CNC spindle tool. Then use the oscillating knife tool to complete the production needs of the carton. This video shows the process of making a carton by cutting with a pressure wheel and vibrating knife.
Features of CNC cutting machine:
Automatic tool changer
Equipped with 8pcs liner type auto tool changer, which can automatically replace the required tools during the processing of the plate without stopping the work. When engraving complex patterns, different tools can be automatically selected for engraving or cutting according to program settings, which greatly improves work efficiency.
9.0KW ATC spindle
The spindle is selected from a well-known Chinese brand HQD that has obtained CE certification. The 9.0KW air cooling spindle has strong power and extremely high reliability. Very suitable for engraving processing of fine patterns. It can ensure that accurate patterns are obtained during the material engraving process.
Pressure roller (pressing wheel)
Use the pressing wheel to press out the traces of the carton that needs to be folded to facilitate the folding and forming of the carton in the later stage.
Oscillating knife
Use a oscillating knife to cut the edges of the carton, and the finished product will have smooth edges and accurate cut pieces. The oscillating knife can cut materials of different materials, including corrugated paper, cardboard, composite paper, gaskets, leather and cloth.
There are many types and functions of CNC router machines. The most important thing is that this equipment can not only meet your engraving and cutting needs, but also can effectively complete other operation needs, improve efficiency, and save costs.

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