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CNC Router Machine square linear guide advantages
The guide rail is the basic part of the CNC router machine and plays an important role in the flexible operation of the machine. The quality of the guide rail will directly affect the work efficiency. There are two types of CNC router machine guide rails: round rail and square rail. Since the circular guide rail is prone to deviation after a period of use, which will affect the engraving accuracy, the CNC router machines produced by the ACCTEK factory all use square linear guide rails.
CNC router machine square guide rail has the following advantages:
1. The structure of the square guide leads to a small friction coefficient, and there will be no idling and slipping even during micro-motion. Low friction for long-term accuracy maintenance.
2. The rolling friction of the square guide rail can reduce the friction force of the guide rail, and the lubrication effect is good. The wear of the frictional contact surfaces is minimized, so that the running accuracy can be maintained for a long time.
3. The square guide rail has the best design of geometric mechanics, which can bear the loads in various directions at the same time, and maintain the accuracy.
4. It has the characteristics of high speed and small frictional resistance, low demand for driving horsepower, and obvious energy saving effect.
The guide rail also needs to be well maintained during use. Strong stamping cannot be performed, and heavy objects cannot be used to directly hit the guide rail. Also pay attention to regularly adding lubricating oil to the guide rail for lubrication. The CNC router machine provided by ACCTEK is equipped with an automatic oil filling device, which is more convenient to use.

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