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CNC Router Machine ATC Spindle Guidelines for use
ATC CNC router machine is more and more widely used in woodworking field, among which ATC spindle is the core component of ATC CNC machine. Therefore, we should pay attention to some details in use to avoid damage to the ATC spindle.
1. The CNC router machine ATC spindle and the inverter should be used together. The specifications and parameters of the inverter should match the rated parameters of the spindle. If the settings are not correct, the machine spindle will be burnt.
2. For the air-cooled ATC spindle, it should be checked before use. If the air duct is blocked, it needs to be blown through with compressed air.
3. For the water-cooled ATC spindle, it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the cooling water circulation system before use. Use without cooling is prohibited. The connection of cooling water pipes and nozzles must be reliable and leak-free.
4. The coolant must be clean and the temperature controlled at 5-30℃.
5. When using a CNC router machine, the ATC spindle should start at the lowest speed. If the ATC spindle is started directly at high speed, abnormal noise and heat will occur, which will affect the service life of the main bearing.
6. When fixing the tool on the electric spindle of the CNC router machine, the tapered holes on the collet and the nut must be cleaned so as not to affect the engraving and cutting accuracy.
7. If the CNC router machine is not used for a long time, at least turn on the ATC spindle (low speed) for 15-30 minutes per week.
The service life of the CNC router machine is closely related to each component. Only by maintaining each component can the long-term stable operation of the machine be ensured.

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