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ATC CNC Router Machine is popular with users
ATC CNC router machine has won the favor of the international market with its excellent performance, and many users have praised the ATC CNC router machine. Whether it is engraving and cutting accuracy, or running speed, the ATC CNC router can achieve a higher level. Moreover, it has a wide range of applications and can process various common materials in daily life, which is of great help to enterprises to expand their scale and develop their businesses.
ATC CNC router is an intelligent CNC machine with ATC spindle and auto tool magazine. When working, CNC tools can be automatically replaced according to work requirements, without manual operation, and greatly improve work efficiency. There are two types of CNC ATC kits, including linear Automatic Tool Changer CNC and disk Automatic Tool Changer CNC. The tool magazine can carry 4-12 pieces of different tools.
The CNC router machine AKM1325C is ACCTEK's best-selling ATC CNC router. It plays an important role in many engraving industries such as the furniture industry, advertising industry, and handicraft processing. The main accessories of the CNC engraving machine AKM1325 are from global well-known brand suppliers, ensuring that the machine has good performance when it is working.
ATC CNC router 1325 chooses 9.0KW Chinese famous brand HQD or Italian HSD air-cooled spindle. It can ensure long-term stable work and longer service life. For the auto tool changer cnc router machine, the ATC spindle is the core component of the machine. The efficiency of the spindle affects the processing. The high-power spindle cuts faster and the workpieces processed are better.
With the development of technology and the needs of production, the use of CNC router is becoming more and more common. ATC CNC router can complete a variety of carving techniques such as contours, curves, and hollows, so that the product exhibits a unique design style.
ACCTEK ATC CNC Router machine will provide your shop with more efficient work, and improve the cutting and engraving quality of plates, bringing you a larger market and business.

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