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5x10 ATC CNC Router Machine cutting wooden door
The video shows you the process of 5x10 CNC router machined door panel. This is a CNC cutting machine with a linear tool changer. You can see in the video that the 5x10 ATC CNC router machine can load eight different tools, and the machine automatically grabs the tools in the tool magazine for replacement according to the program settings. The tool change process takes only a few seconds, and no downtime is required, which greatly improves the processing efficiency of the door panel.
The final step on the 1530 ATC CNC router machine is to complete the cutting of the wooden door profile. In the display of the door panel, you can see that the wood cutting edge is smooth and beautiful, without burrs, you can directly paint it and put it into use. This large automatic CNC machine can be used in industrial manufacturing and commercial production with a heavy-duty body, ATC spindle, Yaskawa servo motors, Syntec control system and linear auto tool changer kit.
The 5x10 CNC router table adopts a sturdy steel tube structure, even if the heavy plate is placed, it can ensure that the worktable is stable and not deformed.
The ATC spindle is the Italian HSD brand, and the high power of 9.0KW ensures the fineness of engraving and the high efficiency of cutting. The air-cooled cooling method does not require an external water tank, which is more convenient to use.
Yaskawa servo motors ensure that ATC CNC router machines run smoothly even at high speeds.
Syntec controller has its own control panel with clear buttons and convenient operation, which ensures fast and reliable automatic tool changing process.
ATC CNC wood router also has the function of breakpoint memory and power failure recovery.
A 5x10 CNC router machine is usually equipped with 8 tools. Of course, you can choose an inline tool changer with up to 12 tools. Everything is customized to your needs.
AKM1530C CNC router machine is a high-performance woodworking processing equipment. In addition to processing wooden doors, you can also process various woodworking projects such as wardrobes, tables and chairs, screens, interior decoration, and architectural models.

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