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5 Axis CNC Router Machine for 3d processing
The 5 axis cnc router has the characteristics of high efficiency and high precision. It is specially used for processing complex curved workpieces. The workpiece can complete complex processing needs in one clamping, and it can adapt to the processing of modern molds such as auto parts and aircraft structural parts.
The five-axis cnc router has five axes and can perform linkage processing. It is good at processing methods such as space surface processing, special-shaped processing, hollow processing, punching, oblique hole, and oblique cutting.
The advantages of the 5-axis CNC router:
1. 0 °to 360 ° head rotation and 0 °to ±110° head tilting ,ensure more function .
2. Italy's Hiteco 10KW spindle is professionally applied to five-axis cnc router machines; it has strong cutting ability and low noise, which can ensure the machine to work for a long time.
3. Original YASKAWA Servo motors & drivers from Japan, ensure the machine’s stronger strength and high accuracy.
4. Not only can be used for plane engraving and cutting, but also can be applied to surface engraving of different objects, arc milling, curved surface processing, such as special-shaped artworks, curved doors or cabinet panels, etc.
5. Extra heavy duty steel frame and gantry for maximum straightness and rigidity .
The whole machine is made of welded steel structure. After aging treatment, it does not deform in long-term use. In order to facilitate transportation and hoisting, the base and beam adopt split structure
6. The movable structure of the working table is flexible in operation, ensuring high precision and low vibration.

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