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4x8 CNC Router Machine in New Zealand

The New Zealand user purchased a 3 axis woodworking cnc router machine, it is welcomed by the international market with its affordable price and high-precision machining effect. This 4x8 cnc router has been working in a New Zealand user's workshop for some time, and the user is very satisfied with its processing results. With the help of ACCTEK engineer Kate, users have been able to proficiently process the woodworking projects they need and obtain beautiful finished products.
The 3 axis wood cnc machine is equipped with a feeding auxiliary wheel at the rear of the fuselage, which is set up to assist the placement of large-area or heavier boards. The feeding auxiliary wheel can not only reduce the labor intensity of the workers, but also improve the work efficiency. The CNC router spindle adopts the famous Chinese brand HQD. 3.5KW air-cooled spindle that has obtained CE certification. It has strong power and can easily complete wood carving, cutting or drilling.
The CNC router table is a T-slot and vacuum combined table, which is more conducive to the fixed processing of different materials and can improve work efficiency. The T-slot table has a good fixing effect on small-sized material and hollowed-out boards; the vacuum adsorption table has a good effect on fixing large-area boards, thinner or lighter boards. The two fixing methods can be selected flexibly according to the processing needs, which can ensure that the engraving accuracy will not be affected by vibration due to the weak fixing during the wood cutting process.
The New Zealand user mainly use CNC router machine for wood process, so he chose a vacuum cleaner for the machine that can pipe the wood chips into a dust bag during processing. This saves a lot of time in cleaning up the machine and the workshop environment, and also has a protective effect on the health of the machine operator.
Each CNC router machine produced by the ACCTEK factory is customized according to user needs, so that you can buy the most suitable machine at the most affordable price. In addition to ensuring the quality of the machine, we also provide free technical support after the user receives the machine, allowing you to become an experienced CNC machine operator faster.

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