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4 Axis Woodworking CNC Router Machine for 3D Mold

4 axis woodworking CNC router machine is the equipment of choice for advanced complex cutting and large mold making. This post shows you a customized large-size 4 axis CNC woodworking machine AKM2030-4A. Its working area is 2000×3000×1500mm. This kind of large worktable and high Z-axis CNC machine is mainly used in the production of large molds such as ship molds and car molds.
The 4 axis woodworking CNC router machine is equipped with Taiwan Syntec 21MA control system, which has good stability and powerful functions. The operating software is easy to learn, professionally applied to high-end CNC router engraving machines, with higher anti-interference ability and control precision. The spindle is a 9.0KW Italian HSD air-cooled ATC spindle, which has extremely high reliability and can ensure accurate patterns in the mold processing process.
The 4 axis CNC router machine is also equipped with an auto tool changer, and the tool magazine is loaded with 8 different tools. In the process of mold processing, the tool can be automatically grabbed according to the program. There is no need to manually change the drill bit, and the tool change speed only takes a few seconds, which greatly improves the processing efficiency of the workshop. With the Japanese Yaskawa servo motor, it can effectively ensure the cutting accuracy and smooth operation of the CNC router engraving machine.
4-axis woodworking CNC router machine specially designed for 3D work. The spindle can be rotated 180 degrees, allowing the machine to perform flat engraving and three-dimensional machining. It can be programmed to reduce human interference in specific manufacturing processes. This helps reduce production time, thus ensuring increased productivity.
Acctek 4-axis CNC router machine adopts heavy-duty frame and gantry structure, and the body is more sturdy. The main components are all from world-renowned suppliers to ensure that the 4-axis CNC router has good performance when it is working. If you are going to start a 3D manufacturing project, choosing a CNC machine like this is very necessary

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