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4 Axis CNC router with ATC for 3D woodworking project
4 Axis CNC router machine is not as common as the 3 axis CNC router machine, but it is an essential tool for 3D projects. The difference is that the 3-axis cnc router is in use In the process, only three axes are running, but 4 axis is more flexible, and four axes can be started and run at the same time. The 4-axis cnc router with auto tool changer produced by our factory is professionally used for large 3D woodworking project.
The 4-axis CNC router machine AKM1325-4A is equipped with a carousel automatic tool changer, and the tool magazine is loaded with 12 different tools. The tool magazine is fixed on the side of the gantry, always at the same horizontal line as the spindle, fast response. Don't need to change tools manually when machine works, improve efficiency a lot.
The ATC spindle is selected from the well-known Chinese brand HQD which has obtained CE certification. The 9.0KW air-cooled spindle has strong power and high reliability. The spindle has high precision, long life, low noise and low vibration. The axial stability of the spindle is good, and the workpiece machining accuracy is high. Very suitable for engraving processing of fine patterns. It can ensure that accurate patterns are obtained during the material engraving process.
ATC CNC router machine is equipped with Taiwan Syntec controller and Japan Yaskawa servo motor to ensure that the machine's anti-interference ability and running accuracy are better than other types. The Yaskawa servo motor has the highest amplifier responsiveness in the same industry, which greatly shortens the setting time, realizes acceleration and deceleration at high speed, and has fast response. It has resonance suppression function to ensure that the machine runs smoothly at high speed.
Acctek 4 axis CNC router adopts heavy-duty frame and gantry structure, and the machine body is more sturdy. The spindle can be rotated 180 degrees, so that the cnc router can handle flat engraving and three-dimensional processing. The machine specifications can be customized according to your actual processing needs. You just need to tell the staff what you need, and the professional will provide you with a free purchase plan.

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