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4-Axis CNC Router Machine with rotary axis for 3D project
It's a 4-axis CNC router machine with a rotary axis, and it's doing a 3D woodworking project. The 4-axis CNC router machine is based on the ordinary 3-axis CNC router and adds a fourth axis, that is, the rotary axis. Therefore, 4-axis CNC router machine is also called rotary-axis CNC router machine. Due to the rotational motion of the fourth rotation axis, the CNC router machine can realize 3D machining of cylindrical surfaces and arc surfaces.
The fourth axis is a machine tool accessory that holds the workpiece on the chuck or between the two centers to rotate and position it. This 1530 CNC router machine chose the way of using the rotary axis on the worktable. This small rotary axis can be loaded and unloaded at any time, saving space and suitable for users with less cylindrical material processing. It should be noted that this method needs to determine the height of the gantry according to the diameter of the rotary axis. The larger the diameter, the higher the Z axis.
Another way is to fix the rotary axis on the side of the CNC router machine. This method of adding a fourth axis to the machine is suitable for users who process a lot of cylindrical materials, and can use the rotary axis at any time, making the operation more convenient.
1530 CNC router machine is a basic woodworking processing equipment, suitable for furniture manufacturing, wooden door production, advertising signs and other engraving purposes. By adding a 4th axis, planes, reliefs and cylinders can be processed, and the functions are more versatile.
4-axis CNC router machine can help you with your 3D CNC projects. If you have other CNC plans, you can communicate online to get a free CNC plan.

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