Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine BlogThe fiber laser cleaning machine cost US$1000 less than before!!!

1) No consumables no chemical pollution no noise energy-saving power 2) No contact no friction no stress minimal damage to the matrix 3) It can clear the pollution particles below the nanometer level and have high cleanliness 4) Fiber optic transmission can move operation can clean the area which is not easy to reach 5) Synchronous cleaning and synchronours trearment to realize zero discharge of cleaning process 6)Rapid cleaning of heavy pollutants and high-speed cleaning of light pollutants can be achieved

Laser Machine BlogFiber laser cutting machine

#.220V50/60HZ1 Phase # Working area:1500x3000mm # Raycus 1000W fiber laser generator.Top quality in China. # Au3tech cutting head # Au3tech controller system # Rack and pinion transmission/Taiwan APEX gear rack # Y axis dual- drive # Taiwan Delta servo motor 750W and Delta servo driver # Taiwan Airtac pneumatic element. # French Schneider electrical components # S&A Industry Water chiller # French MOTOVARIO reducer # Taiwan HIWIN 25MM guide rails # Including computer and computer cantilever design # Purging system # Computer and cantilever design

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  • 2021-12-15

CNC Router BlogWhat kind of atc cnc router you can choose from Acctek ?

We are the professional manufacturer of cnc router and laser machine. Especially atc cnc router machine popular in our customes.

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  • 2021-12-07

CNC Router BlogAcctek new designed ATC cnc router 1325/1530/2030 feedback

wood cnc router woodworking engarving machine 4*8/5*10 ATC cnc router 1325/1530/2030

Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine BlogFiber laser cleaning machine

ACCTEK laser cleaning machine is a high-tech product of the new generation of surface treatment. It is environmentally friendly which causes the surface dirt rust or coating to evaporate or peel off and effectively removes the surface adhering or surface coating of the cleaning object at high speed. The laser cleaning machine is easy to install and control. It is easy to remove resin stains paint-coat rust cladding material and paint. It is widely applicable in varies of industries which can effectively reduce the machine maintenance cost and improve the industrial cleaning effect.

CNC Router BlogATC CNC Router Woodworking Machine Size Support Customization

1. The whole machine adopts seamless welding of steel structure with strong bearing capacity and small deformation. Linear square rail high precision wear resistance and stable operation. 2. Adopt linear disc or follow-type automatic tool change system the tool change time only needs ten seconds which saves tool change time and improves production efficiency. 3. Split keyboard operation: concise convenient and easy to learn. Users can quickly and flexibly master the use of equipment with greater independence.

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  • 2021-12-04

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