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Winter Maintenance of Woodworking CNC Router is important
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In China, the temperature in many northern regions has dropped below zero. If the temperature in your area is already very low, you must pay attention to the maintenance of the CNC router machine. The maintenance of woodworking engraving machine in winter is very important. If you ignore this, it will affect the life and efficiency of the machine. This post mainly provides you with some maintenance methods for the CNC engraving machine in winter.
1. Try to keep the temperature of the cnc machine workshop above zero, especially for users who use water-cooled spindle, to prevent the water in the water tank from freezing. Be sure not to neglect the cooling of the spindle because of the low ambient temperature.
The water-cooled spindle is cooled by water circulation. If the water tank freezes and the water circulation stops, the spindle will be damaged if it is not cooled for a long time during the working process. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure that the cooling water is clean, replace it in time, and pay attention to the water level to avoid water shortage. If the temperature in your workshop is below zero, it is best to use antifreeze to ensure the normal operation of the water-cooled spindle.
2. In winter, if you do not use the cnc machine for a long time, you need to blow out the water in the spindle to avoid freezing and damage the spindle.
3. For the cnc router with auto oil lubrication, in order to prevent the lubricating oil from freezing and solidification, try to add some antifreeze in the oil box. Ensure that the guide and screw can be lubricated normally.
If your CNC engraving machine needs manual oiling, the oiling cycle can be twice a month. After the oil is added, it runs slowly to ensure that the lubricant can be evenly added to the guide rail and the screw. When the CNC machine is not used for a long time, it should be refueled regularly to ensure the flexibility of the CNC router drive system.
cnc maintenance methods
In addition to the above matters needing attention in winter, the cleaning of the CNC router is a work that needs to be completed every day.
1. After the engraving and cutting work of the day is over, the worktable needs to be cleaned up in time, and no more objects can be stacked on the CNC machine.
2. Clean up the material fragments on the guide rail and the side to prevent the machine from jamming during the working process due to the interference of the fragments.
3. Clean the screw regularly to prevent foreign matter from sticking to the screw. The screw is important in the CNC engraving machine, it determines the accuracy of the machine, and the screw also plays an important role in the transmission process.
4. Regularly clean the dust in the control box to ensure the circuit safe and reliable operation of the CNC machine.
In China, we have entered the winter. If the temperature in your country is also decreasing, you need to pay attention to these matters when using the CNC router machine. I hope this will help you.

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