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What preparations can I do before the CNC Router arrives
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If you buy an CNC engraving equipment, you can do some preparations before the machine arrives. So when the CNC router machine arrives in the workshop, you can install it directly, and then quickly put into engraving work. This post introduces you some preparations before the arrival of the CNC router. If your time permits, you can arrange it in advance.
Check machine power and prepare correct size breakers and power cords. ATC CNC router machines also need to prepare air compressor.
Machine power= spindle power + driver motors. 
‎If Syntec cnc then vacuum pump and dust collector also connect to the machine.
Example: CNC router AKM1325C with 9.0kw spindle, 4×0.75KW Delta driver motors, 7.5KW vacuum pump and 3.0KW dust collector. 
Under 380V use 63A breaker, 9KW+3KW+7.5KW+3KW/380V+380V×10%
Power cords
Use 6-10sqmm cooper wire for the machine and use 4sqmm cooper wire for vacuum pump and dust collector.
Air compressor
ATC CNC router machine will needs 0.6mpa air, up to 0.8mpa air compressor is necessary, the bigger the better.
Lubricating oil
Prepare oil for lubrication, use ISO32/46/68#, or search sewing machine oil / guide rail lube.
Woodworking CNC router has two ways of manual lubricating oil and automatic lubricating oil. ACCTEK CNC engraving machine is equipped with an automatic oil lubrication device. Just set the interval time and oil filling time, the machine can automatically lubricate the guide rail and the lead screw according to the system setting, which is very convenient.
cnc router
Other aspects
Prepare coolant if your spindle is water cooling type, use normal pure water also ok if weather is not too warm at local. Finally, you need to arrange a large enough place for the machine and accessories according to the size of the CNC router you purchased.
The above is the preparation steps for the installation of the CNC router machine organized by ACCTEK for you. If you are buying an woodworking engraving machine for the first time and you have other questions, you can communicate online.

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