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What are the optional tools for laser cutting machines
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The laser cutting machine is simple to operate, can engrave and cut various non-metallic materials, and is widely used in many industries. When using laser cutting machines in different industries, if you want to use more functions of the machine, you need to add some auxiliary tools. So when does the laser machine need to add auxiliary tools? What kind of auxiliary tools need to be added? Hope this post can bring some help to your laser cutting workshop.
Laser cutting machine

Laser machine electric up and down table

When the laser machine is engraving or cutting, the laser head is always on the same plane and cannot move up and down. Therefore, when the thickness of the material you need to process is large, in order to ensure the normal operation of the laser machine, you need to add an up and down table. The table is installed under the operating table, and two motors work synchronously, driven by a driver, which can ensure that the height of the table is always the same during the lifting process, and avoid the table from tilting. When the material thickness exceeds 23MM, it is recommended that you add an up down table, which will be more helpful for the laser machine to work.

Laser machine rotary device

If you need to engrave or cut cylindrical materials during your work, such as engraving patterns on the surface of wine bottles, or you need to make cylindrical wooden crafts, then you need to install a rotary axis device for the laser cutting machine. Rotary axis device is divided into chuck type and roller type. The roller type can be equipped with multiple rotary axis and can engrave multiple cylindrical materials at the same time. It is suitable for mass production and processing and can improve work efficiency. It should be noted that if you add a rotary device to the machine, you must add a up down table at the same time. Because the rotary axis is placed on the table for work, it has a relatively high height, and it can be used normally after adding a up down table.
Laser cutting machine

CCD camera of laser machine

The CCD camera is professionally used for the rapid information collection of irregular materials or materials with printed patterns. The information is automatically input into the computer, and then the material is accurately cut or carved along the edge of the material according to the instructions. CCD cameras are often used in the clothing industry or leather industry to ensure that the patterns on clothing and shoes are more precise.

Add multiple laser heads to the laser machine

If you need to engrave and cut the same pattern on the same material, adding a laser head to your laser cutting machine is a very effective way. Multiple laser heads work at the same time to meet the needs of mass production.
If you need a machine for engraving and a machine for cutting in your work, you can choose laser heads with different powers. The high-power laser head is used for cutting, and the low-power laser head is used for engraving. If engraving with high power for a long time, it is easy to damage the laser tube and reduce its life. Moreover, the high-power light spot is thicker, and the engraving effect is not good; the low-power light spot is finer, and the engraving effect is better.
Laser cutting machine

The honeycomb table of the laser machine

The standard worktable of the laser cutting machine is the knife table, but if you need to process thin and soft materials, such as cloth, leather, etc., you need to choose a honeycomb table for the laser machine. The small holes on the table top have good supporting properties to ensure that the material does not deform during processing.

Automatic feeding device of laser machine

The automatic feeding device of the laser machine is suitable for batch processing of cloth. It adopts crawler working table and negative pressure absorb conveyor, make sure the smooth of materials when cutting. Working with auto feeding system, can meet the requirements for continuous and automatic batch cutting.
The above introduction is the auxiliary tools of the laser cutting machine. By using these tools, you can improve the efficiency of the workshop and process more types of materials. As a professional laser machine manufacturer, ACCTEK can customize the machine for you according to your needs. You can consult online or send an email to tell us your needs.


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