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How to solve the common problems of the control system?
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Calculation and modification of pulse parameters
When the design size is inconsistent with the actual engraving size, it is usually caused by imprecise pulse equivalent parameters. We can ensure the accuracy of engraving by calculating and modifying the correct pulse parameters in the system.
1. Back to mechanical origin after booting
2. Use a ruler to measure the distance between the machine and the reference object
3. The system switches to the workpiece coordinates, all coordinates are reset to zero
4. Use the handle to advance 100mm distance (the greater the advance distance, the greater the pulse error)
5. Measure the distance between the machine and the reference object again, and calculate whether the actual advance distance of the machine is the advance distance of the workpiece coordinate system.
6. If there is an error, first calculate whether the pulse equivalent is correct, the calculation formula: actual distance/design distance*current pulse equivalent
7. Find the pulse equivalent parameter option in the system and modify the calculated value.
After watching today’s article, we can respond in time if there is a problem with the system in the future.
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