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How to connect the signal wires of the fiber laser source
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Raycus laser source is widely used in fiber laser metal cutting machine. If no laser is emitted when you use the laser cutting machine, it is possible that the signal line of the laser source is not connected properly. You can follow the steps below to solve this problem.
Raycus laser source, how to connect signal wires
1. Find MOD+, MOD-, AGND, 0-10V, AD-RS, EGND, LAS-C this 7 wires, then connect like the picture.
Connect the laser source signal wires
2. Open Cypcut Configure, find laser setting then set like the picture.
Connect the laser source signal wires
Then find Output, set 18 in Aiming.
Connect the laser source signal wires
3. Open Cypcut software, turn on Shutter and Aiming.
Connect the laser source signal wires
Then press laser, check whether the laser comes?
Fiber laser cutting machine is more and more popular with metal manufacturers as an efficient metal cutting equipment. Regardless of the actual cutting speed or cutting quality, it has irreplaceable performance advantages.

Fast cutting speed

In the process of cutting metal, the laser emits high-energy-density laser beams. The huge energy generated by these laser beams can instantly vaporize the metal sheet that needs to be cut, and easily complete the processing of metal materials. This cutting technology is advanced and the cutting speed is very fast, which can improve the production efficiency of the workshop.

High cutting accuracy

The diameter of the laser beam after the fiber laser is focused is extremely small, and the width of the slit produced by the cutting is very narrow, so that the cutting machine has a very high precision, which can be formed in one time, and the cut workpiece does not need to be processed twice. Because the laser metal cutting machine is fast and belongs to non-contact processing, the heat-affected area of ​​cutting is small, and the thermal deformation of the workpiece is very small, which effectively guarantees high-quality cutting quality. Fiber laser cutting equipment can meet some high-demand metal cutting needs.

Stable cutting performance

Fiber laser cutting machine uses fiber laser in the process of cutting metal, with stable performance and long service life. Except for human factors, the system itself will hardly cause any failures during use, so even if the laser cutting machine is working for a long time, it will not produce bad phenomena, and the cutting performance is relatively stable.
In addition, the fiber laser cutting machine also has the characteristics of simple operation and convenient maintenance, which can save you the cost of replacing parts and repairing the machine.
Sheet metal can be precisely cut on fiber laser equipment, and the finished product after processing has good edge quality. Advanced control software and narrow cuts make the parts tightly nested, thereby maximizing output and reducing material waste. Laser cutting technology is one of the most effective and cost-effective metal manufacturing methods.

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