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How to avoid the laser cutting machine from getting wet
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Northern China has entered a flood season in the last two months, with a lot of rain and high humidity. If your area is also in such climatic conditions, you need to protect the laser cutting machine from moisture. If the moistureproof protection of laser cutting machine is neglected, it may lead to problems such as black screen of console computer, failure of industrial control computer to start, laser alarm, switch tripping and so on, and then affect production.
The normal operation of the machine is a necessary condition to ensure the completion of the work in the shop, so it is very important to protect the laser cutting machine from moisture. This post introduces some common dehumidification and moisture-proof methods. If your workshop has high humidity, you can solve them according to these tips.
laser cutting machine

(1) Activated carbon moistureproof and dehumidification

Activated carbon has many uses. It can not only dehumidify, but also purify the air and remove odors. It is a good dehumidification product, but this dehumidification method is only suitable for small spaces, such as the control cabinet of the cutting machine, electrical cabinets, can effectively absorb moisture, but also can effectively remove odor.
The use of activated carbon moistureproof in wet weather can reduce the environmental humidity in control cabinets and electrical cabinets and reduce the probability of equipment failure due to humidity.

(2) Always pay attention to the weather

When it is raining outside or when the weather is cloudy, it is best not to open windows (especially south-facing windows) to prevent hot and humid air from entering the house.
When the weather is fine, you can choose to open windows for ventilation to reduce indoor humidity. Keep the laser cutting machine in a dry environment.

(3) Quicklime dehumidification

According to the data, every 1 kg of quicklime can absorb about 0.3 kg of water in the air. Quicklime absorbs moisture very well. If the room is wet and the ground is condensed, quicklime can also be put into cloth bags and placed in the corners of the workshop to achieve the effect of rapid moisture removal and drying.
Machine moisture-proof method

(4) Air conditioning dehumidification

In humid weather, the effect of air conditioning dehumidification is also very significant.
Turn on the air conditioner, adjust to the dehumidification function option, and then run the air conditioner normally. In this state, the air conditioner is equivalent to a dryer, which can reduce the indoor ambient humidity and effectively ensure that the indoor air humidity is not too large, which is very conducive to the stable operation of the equipment.

(5) Regularly clean the dust in the electric cabinet, so as to achieve the purpose of dedusting and dehumidification.

Dust itself is also very easy to absorb moisture in the air, regular dedusting to the electric cabinet can also effectively reduce the environmental humidity of the cabinet.
If water vapor appears outside the electrical cabinet, do not start the machine immediately. It is necessary to wipe the water vapor on the surface of the electric cabinet first, and then turn on the air conditioner (with dehumidification function) for half an hour, and then turn on the power of the equipment to observe to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.
In addition to the problems that need to be paid attention to in wet weather, regular inspections of the laser cutting machine should be done at ordinary times. Regularly check the drainage of air compressor, filter element, cold dryer and other components. Avoid the risk of contamination of cutting head lens and machine tool gas pipeline due to failure of air compressor drainage function.
Good maintenance of the laser cutting machine can ensure that the machine provides a longer use time and stable cutting efficiency for the workshop. If you want to get more knowledge about laser cutting machine, you can follow our Facebook (search AccTek CNC). For more videos, search for AccTek China on YouTube.

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