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Why do companies choose fiber laser cutting machine first
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    Why do companies choose fiber laser cutting machine first?
    At present, my country has a wide variety of agricultural machinery products, and the trend of specialization is obvious. Provide new processing technology, drawing system software and numerical control technology. optical fiber laser cutting machine for optical manufacturers not only reduces the product cost of agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturers, but also improves economic benefits.
    In the manufacturing enterprises of agricultural machinery, shipping, medical machinery, aerospace and other industries, fiber laser cutting machines have high cost performance, good verticality, no slag, smooth surface, no secondary production processing, small thermal expansion, high-precision laser cutting, The advantages of fast production speed, barrier-free high toughness sheet processing, and no deformation have been favored by many enterprise customers.
    As an effective tool for metal processing, fiber laser cutting machines are widely used in the machining industry. Due to the particularity of the working environment of the laser cutting machine, the particularity of the material, and the processing and processing requirements of different shapes of metal sheets, due to the particularity of the working environment of the laser cutting machine, the technical requirements of the laser cutting machine manufacturer are relatively high.
    Metal fiber laser cutting machine, CO2 laser engraving machine and other equipment have replaced the position of traditional machine tools. Laser equipment has the advantages of high precision and fast cutting speed, and is the first choice of many manufacturers.

    Are there any restrictions in the fiber laser cutting equipment industry?
    We all know that metal fiber laser cutting machine equipment can be widely used in various industries, whether in the hydropower industry or in various construction industries. Therefore, for everyone, there are no restrictions on the use of this industry. Metal fiber laser cutting machine equipment, even the requirements for the workpiece are not very high. The equipment of the laser cutting machine can be used to cut only metal sheets before. But now with the development of the production industry, metal fiber laser cutting machines can cut some non-metallic plates.
    If you are using metal fiber laser cutting machine for personal use, the editor does not recommend that you buy large laser equipment. You can choose to jump small laser cutting machine. Because the cost of large equipment is very expensive, but if it is mass production, then metal fiber laser cutting machine equipment can Greatly improve production efficiency. In addition, it can free up workers' hands and control costs to a very low-level producer.
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    The influence of laser head on processing effect
    What is the impact on the quality of the laser head? What is the cutting effect of fiber laser cutting machine? In the metal laser cutting machine equipment, the laser head is a relatively important position. The cutting speed of the machine tool and the finished product processing effect are all affected by the laser head nozzle. Which laser head is better?
    Processing quality Fiber laser cutting machine is good or bad from two aspects, one is point, the other is strength. In a sense, location and power are in direct proportion. The higher the spot quality, the lower the power of the fiber laser cutting machine. In addition, the effect of the finished product will not be bad. The field quality is poor, the power is high, and the cutting speed is not fast. So, what's the bad place? Bad places are generally empty and empty. This kind of place is a bad place. If it is such a laser head, even if the power of the fiber laser cutting machine is no longer high, the cutting speed cannot be increased, and the effect of processing products will not be very good.
    The quality of the laser head installed on the fiber cutting machine is also the main factor that affects the quality of the cutting weld of the metal material processed by the equipment. The general product processing requirement is to cut the size of the suture to meet the standard, and pay equal attention to the top and bottom to make the finished product beautiful. However, in the metal cutting process, since the cutting weld is cut by the laser head and the nozzle, the influencing factors of the laser tube head are more important. The quality of the laser head will affect the final processing effect of the optical fiber.

    The benefits of laser cutting machines to enterprises
    Some customers of Laser once thought to buy a fiber laser cutting machine. Especially, when they heard about the price of the laser cutting machine, their first thought was that it was so expensive that they gave up using it. In fact, from the long-term development of the enterprise, the benefits brought by the fiber laser cutting machine far exceed the price of the equipment itself. So, what benefits can it bring to metal pipe processing enterprises?
    1. Improve the processing efficiency of metal pipe enterprises
    Fiber laser tube cutting machine Fiber laser cutting machine adopts numerical control technology and chuck to realize the automatic feeding and processing of rectangular tubes, round tubes, oval tubes, D-shaped tubes and other materials. At the same time, the material and processing on the pipeline proceed simultaneously.
    2. Improve the processing and production quality of the enterprise
    The precision tubular fiber laser cutting machine is intelligently controlled by the program, and the traditional cutting technology cannot achieve the cutting effect. It has the advantages of high cutting precision, good cutting effect, no burrs, no chips, no deformation, no need for secondary processing, etc., saving secondary processing after traditional cutting machines.
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