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Where is the CNC woodworking engraving machine better than traditional engraving machine
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    When you want to buy a woodworking engraving machine, you may want to know how to choose between a CNC woodworking engraving machine and a traditional woodworking engraving machine. Today we compare two woodworking engraving machines.
    Traditional woodworking engraving machine speed slow, the operator can't leave machine, high operation requirements, lathe poor stability and complex operations require the staff for a long time to learn, easy to get wrong, product defect rate is high, the processing speed is slow, the processing quality is not stable, the workpiece surface roughness directly affect the next grinding machining difficulty, also extend processing time.The labor intensity and difficulty are large, when the workpiece parts are hard, it is easy to cause the workpiece fracture and personnel damage, which is a safety problem that needs to pay attention to.
    ACCTEK automatic tool change CNC woodworking engraving machine not only applied to thin wood processing, but also can be thick timber processing, has a wide application range of soft and hard processing material, the characteristics of processed workpiece surface than the existing wood lathe processing parts (including base, lathe bed, program-controlled system, spindle box, center plate, the tool carrier movement system, the tail) is more bright.
    CNC woodworking engraving machine can not only process completely symmetrical wooden stick parts, but also can make the processing of oppositesex parts such as table legs, baseball bats, wooden bowls, wooden vases, special-shaped handicrafts no longer difficult.
    It takes about 10 minutes for a table leg to be processed.CNC wood engraving machine can be completed in about 2 minutes, which also includes rough grinding.Does this machining efficiency greatly improve the machining efficiency and quality of the parts?
    Compared with the traditional woodworking engraving machine, what advantages does the automatic CNC woodworking engraving machine have?
    1. Adaptability to processing objects.
    Because the replacement of parts in CNC woodworking engraving machine only needs to be reprogrammed to process new parts, unlike the traditional woodworking engraving machine, it does not need to manufacture and replace many tools, fixtures and measuring tools, nor does it need to adjust the lathe.Therefore, CNC woodworking engraving machine can quickly from one part to another part, for a single piece, small batch and trial production of new products to provide a great deal of convenience, not only shorten the production preparation cycle, but also save a lot of tool costs.
    2. Automatic operation mode.
    Compared with the traditional engraving machine, the automation level of CNC woodworking engraving machine has been greatly improved.CNC woodworking engraving machine does not require workers to operate equipment at any time, but before the processing of drawings with programming language into the CNC lathe computer, computer opportunity to take the initiative to analyze, through the central processing unit to command the operation of the equipment this CNC machine tool greatly reduced manpower, greatly improved the accuracy of delivery.
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    3. High machining accuracy.
    The CNC woodworking engraving machine is made using instructions in digital form.At present, the pulse equivalent of CNC woodworking equipment is generally up to 0.001mm, and feed chain clearance and pitch error can be compensated by CNC equipment, so that CNC woodworking lathe to obtain higher processing accuracy.The necessary measures taken in the structural design of CNC lathe, as well as the characteristics of mechatronics, determine the quality stability of the machine tool.
    Firstly, the ball nut structure and clearance elimination structure are adopted to minimize the mechanical transmission error.
    Secondly, the software precision compensation technology is used to further reduce the mechanical error.
    Third, the use of program control machining to reduce the impact of human factors on machining accuracy these measures not only ensure the CNC woodworking lathe higher machining accuracy, but also ensure the stability of higher machining quality.
    4. Good processing quality.
    Compared with the traditional CNC woodworking engraving machine, CNC woodworking engraving machine is not only suitable for the processing of slender wood, but also can process thick wood, with soft, hard material application range of characteristics, the surface of the processed workpiece is more bright than the traditional woodworking lathe.
    5, a machine is productive, improve work efficiency is a priority.
    In traditional lathes, processing one product at a time is intelligent, and the CNC engraving machine in the two-axis double-tool CNC woodworking engraving machine can process two identical products at the same time.Easy to operate, easy to draw, easy to understand, single-button product style, no professional knowledge can be operated, just a little training, and the automatic CNC woodworking engraving machine can be operated by one person at the same time 2-3, greatly improve the processing efficiency, save manpower and money, bring good economic benefits.
    The time required for parts processing includes moving time and auxiliary time.Numerical control engraving machine can effectively reduce the time of these two parts, so the processing efficiency is much higher than the ordinary wood lathe.CNC engraving machine spindle speed and feed range is greater than that of ordinary lathes.Each process can choose the most appropriate cutting parameters at the same time, also make a good structure stiffness CNC woodworking engraving machine cutting parameters can be heavy, effectively save the time of the motor nc lathe rapid movement and positioning of the moving parts adopt measures acceleration and deceleration, chose the high-speed air travel, compared with the ordinary lathe, the time needed for fast moving, fast backward and positioning is much shorter.
    CNC woodworking engraving machine processing accuracy is relatively stable, generally only on the first part of the inspection and sampling inspection, between the key dimensions of the process, thus reducing the inspection time.The CNC woodworking engraving machine with knife library and automatic tool changing device are adopted to realize continuous multi-procedure processing on one engraving machine, which greatly reduces the turnover time of semi-finished products and improves the production efficiency.
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