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What should users pay attention to when buying laser cutting machine
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    Some problems that users should pay attention to when buying laser cutting machine
    In the metal industry, there are many kinds of laser processing, such as laser cutting plate, laser cutting tube, laser welding, etc. We take sheet metal processing as an example, tell you a few key issues to pay attention to when choosing and buying a plate.
    First of all, we need to know the main selling points are the laser cutting machine cutting speed, high quality, superb products.For customers who want to purchase laser cutting machines, the following key elements need to be understood first:
    1. When laser cutting machine cuts thick plate at high speed, the metal melt will not appear under the incision under the vertical laser beam, but will be ejected at the back of the laser beam.Curved lines will be formed at the edge of the blade, and these lines will be generated following the moving laser beam.The general solution is to reduce the feed rate at the end of the cutting process.
    2. Roughness: The laser cutting section forms a vertical line, and the depth of the line determines the roughness of the cutting surface, that is, the shallower the line, the smoother the cutting section.
    3. Perpendicularity;Whether the edge Angle of the cut is vertical and the slope is too large.
    4. Cutting width, cutting width and notch width generally do not affect cutting quality.The cutting width will only make a difference if a particularly precise contour is formed inside the part.This is because the cutting width determines the minimum inside diameter of the profile. As the thickness of the sheet increases, the cutting width also increases.
    5. Indentation and corrosion;Dents and corrosion have certain effects on the smoothness of the cutting edge, but they usually do not occur in the cutting error.
    In addition to the above, when users buy laser cutting machine users also according to the need to process materials to choose the right laser cutting machine.

    How to improve the cutting quality of optical fiber laser cutter in sheet metal processing
    In the current market, laser cutting machine laser cutting machine occupies a considerable share, many laser cutting machines are widely used in different industries, optical fiber laser cutting machine in the sheet metal processing industry is a common example.
    Generally, after purchasing the fiber, the user of laser cutting machine wants to save cost and improve cutting quality.However, in order to improve the quality of the workpiece, we must first understand the following three points:
    1. Laser output power
    Optical fiber output power laser cutter corresponds to the thickness of the material.The greater the output power, the greater the cutting thickness and the better the cutting quality.The user shall purchase the equipment according to the thickness and type of the material before purchase;
    2. Thickness of metal materials
    To purchase equipment according to the thickness of the material mentioned above, we need to know the thickness of the cutting.Fiber optic laser cutting machine.The output power of optical fiber laser cutting machine is generally 1000 W or above 2000 W.For example, a fiber optic laser cutter with a power of less than 1000 W can be used to cut carbon steel with a thickness of less than 12 mm and stainless steel with a thickness of less than 6mm.If the applicable cutting thickness is exceeded, the corresponding cutting quality will become worse and the cutting speed will also be reduced.
    3. Cutting speed of equipment
    When users use fiber optic laser cutting machines they often misunderstand that slow cuts can be achieved with good cutting quality.In fact, whether the cutting speed is too fast or too slow, it is not the most appropriate equipment.Selecting the appropriate cutting speed can obtain the excellent cutting quality and improve the cutting effect to the maximum extent.
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    How to deal with the laser cutter head collision plate?
    Cutting head plate is one of the most common faults.Laser cutting machines, whether fiber laser cutting machines or solid laser cutting machines in the use of the process will be encountered.But this error is usually easy to fix.The laser cutting head is unstable, the collision plate or the tracking distance is incorrect.In general, this is due to the replacement of the cutting nozzle, cutting nozzle overheating and parameter inequality caused.In any case, the capacitance value of the servo head will eventually change, which will affect the stability of the laser cutting head.This article will explain this problem in detail, so let's take a look at it.
    Laser cutting head in laser cutting machine.Remeasure the capacitance and save the parameters.This paper summarizes the following experiences and analyzes how to solve the normal problem of laser cutting head after the collision plate when the equipment occurs.
    This situation is usually a parameter problem. The upper and lower limits of the laser cutting head can be reduced in the same proportion. The laser cutting head will operate normally and the following distance of the laser cutting head is too high.
    Open the following header debugging software and observe whether the following distance Settings are correct.Adjust the upper limit and lower limit of cutting head, increase by the same proportion, and test to the appropriate value;During the cutting process, the laser cutting head suddenly rises automatically.
    In this case, stop the laser operation and observe whether the copper nozzle of the follower is heated.If the heating indicates that the laser path is incorrect, the copper nozzle will overheat and the capacitance will change.This problem can be solved by adjusting the optical path.
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