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What needs to be paid attention to about CNC router
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If you are a beginner, here are some important tips.
1. Selection of CNC router woodworking tools
Because the tools can be used in different configurations, you can choose them according to different needs.
For example, spiral drills are equipped with spiral grooves that can spray sawdust from the incision.
They form a rough upper surface and a smooth bottom.
The downward spiral drill bit is inlaid with spiral grooves, enough to push the sawdust into the crack. The tightly bonded saw easily provides supporting material.
2. Control the spindle speed
To cut the material accurately, you should choose a small handle tool and a low-power spindle motor.
High speed may cause a too big cut, and it may even be willful.
In other words, if you are using a powerful motor, such as V-grooving, use a large shank tool, because both are compatible with the task.
3. Length issue and how to deal with it
The longer the blade length, the better the effect of the carving knife.
To make it more effective, you can also increase the thickness of the processing table. For soft materials, a smaller blade is the best candidate for this job.
4. Know why tools often break
Even the best CNC machine tools are prone to failure.
If the technician does not regularly replace the filter or check the liquid level, the equipment may not work at maximum efficiency.
Excessive ambient temperature and external temperature increase the probability of machine wear.
In addition, the slow feed of the machine will also negatively affect the health of its components.
The employees did not know the control system of the machine, so they performed wrong programming and the operation failed.
5. Clamping device and vacuum pump.
Take a pair of pliers to prevent the workpiece on your work table from moving.
In addition, it is equally important to fix the vise on the t-slot of the table. Therefore, you also need a clamping kit for the purpose.
If you work with large materials, such as a door or a cabinet, we recommend that you use a vauum pump to press such a large plate.
The vacuum pump can effectively suppress such a large size, and several switches can be conveniently used.
Save material preparation time and powerful suction function, and will not cause material displacement.
6. You can start as a beginner, but after learning to create the first part, you will understand the basic process.
Novices should learn how to enter programming information into the computer.
Modifying and improving the design according to the required accuracy is an essential step.
You can also hire a tutor to learn new skills and techniques while processing the material.
7. Learn basic measurements
Novices should learn basic measurement methods to analyze the accuracy of the cutting process.
For example, you should understand the work of a caliper and what it measures.
You should also know how to use the micrometer and dial test indicator to clean the vise mouth.
8. Understand CNC CAM software
Beginners need to learn CNC software. Enter the correct information into the system.
Small errors in the X and Y coordinates can lead to inaccurate cutting.
In addition, the CNC software will help users understand the work process from concept to finished product.

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