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What laser cutter machine is suitable for metal cutting in the automotive industry
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In the current automobile manufacturing industry, competition is becoming more and more fierce, and major brands continue to introduce new products, which must not only meet the pursuit of high quality, but also cater to the needs of popularization. This requires automakers to continuously improve manufacturing technology and strive to reduce production costs. As an advanced production technology, laser has been widely used in the production and processing of more than 60% of auto parts.

What are the challenges facing the automotive industry?

With the development of the economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, automobiles have become more and more common as a means of transportation. Not only is the demand for cars gradually increasing, people are also paying more attention to the safety, comfort and functionality of cars. This requires manufacturers to continuously improve the processing accuracy and processing efficiency of auto parts.
How does laser technology help the automotive industry?
Laser metal cutter technology is the technology of intelligent manufacturing in the automobile manufacturing industry, and it is a prerequisite for the combination of intelligent manufacturing and digital factories. After the laser beam is focused by a dedicated optical system, the energy density is very high, and it can melt some very hard materials. When using a laser cutter machine to process auto parts, you only need to irradiate the laser beam on the surface of the steel workpiece to complete the cutting of various shapes of accessories.
The fiber laser cutting machine combines laser processing and computer technology, using CAD and other related drawing software, can break through the traditional design and manufacturing mode, and greatly promote the development of the automobile manufacturing industry.

What kind of laser cutting equipment is suitable for the automobile manufacturing industry?

ACCTEK fiber laser cutting machine adopts RAYCUS/IPG laser source with has international advanced laser technology. Equipped with an efficient transmission system by Taiwan high-precision gear rack after grinding process and high-precision linear guide. Advanced Cypcut control system, group into high precision CNC fiber laser cutting machine.
AKJ1530F is a newly designed economical fiber laser cutting machine, which is the best choice for the automobile manufacturing industry. It has the following advantages for you to understand.
1.High efficiency: high-speed digital motion control by Germany technology system, especially for high-speed, high-precision laser cutting.
2. The high power fiber laser cutting machine's cutting slot is very slim, which can reach up to 0.05mm. It is very suitable for processing precision parts with high efficiency.
3. Automatic lubrication system for machine, which can lubricate the linear guide rail nearly 500 times/minute to make sure its high precision.
4. Stable running: adopting gantry structure with synchronous bilateral gear and rack drive, and high-strength aluminum beams enhance its stability.
5. Low energy consumption: photoelectric conversion rate is up to 25-30% which can save energy and power. Electric power consumption for this type fiber cutting machine is only about 20%-30% of the traditional Co2 laser cutting machine.
6. Easy to maintain and cutting surface is smooth, no burr, saving time and labor.
Fiber laser cutting machine adopts non-contact processing, which has almost no consumables; And laser cutting has greater flexibility, which can reduce the investment in mold production and shorten the sample cycle of the workpiece. I believe that with the advancement of technology, the use of metal laser cutting machines will become more and more common. If you need a carbon steel cutting machine, you can learn about the product online. We are happy to provide you with purchase advice and free consulting services.
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