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What is the structure of the laser welding machine
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    The structure and working principle of laser welding machine
    Do you know the structure and working principle of laser welding machine? Laser welding machines are widely used in many industries such as sheet metal, machinery, automobiles, molds, and medical equipment. The entire welding process of the laser welding machine consists of several parts such as a workbench and a feeding mechanism, and these parts are fixed on the workbench. The clamping mechanism is fixed on the feeding mechanism, the feeding mechanism drives the clamping mechanism to move back and forth, the clamping mechanism includes a clamping device and a clamping mounting plate, and the clamping device has a positioning Device. What is the status of each part so that we can continue to discuss the price of the laser welding machine.
    Laser welding machine generally consists of five parts,
    1: Laser welding host:
    The laser welding host mainly produces laser beams for welding, which is composed of main components such as power supply, laser generator, light path part, and control system.
    2: Cooling system:
    The cooling system provides cooling function for the laser generator, generally equipped with 1-5 HP water circulation chillers (mainly used for square and circular laser welding machines),
    3: Laser welding automatic workbench or motion system:
    The system is used to realize laser welding. The laser beam moves according to the welding track according to the specific requirements to realize the automatic laser welding function. There are generally three types of motion control: workpiece movement, laser head fixed, laser head movement, workpiece fixed or laser head and workpiece movement. The whole system controls the movement of the worktable by writing motion control programs according to needs through numerical control programming. The simplified programming system has the advantages of simple operation, fast persistence, and no need for professional skills or educational background. In square and circular laser workbench systems, such as manipulator motion system, two-dimensional workbench, three-dimensional workbench, four-axis linkage workbench, gantry welding workbench, cantilever workbench, etc., precise welding motion control can be realized.
    4: Fixed equipment:
    Generally, in the laser welding process, the laser welding fixture is mainly used to fix the welding workpiece, so that it can be repeatedly assembled and unloaded and positioned repeatedly, which is convenient for automatic laser welding. Therefore, fixtures are one of the indispensable equipment in laser welding production. Especially in mass production, whether the fixture design is in place will directly affect the production efficiency and output. Fangyuan Laser has a large number of professional auxiliary designers who are dedicated to The customer designed a laser welding fixture solution and provided a three-dimensional demonstration so that the customer can clearly understand the entire welding plan.
    5. Observation system:
    Under normal circumstances, the laser welding machine needs to be equipped with an observation system capable of real-time microscopic observation of the workpiece. When preparing a welding plan, you can conveniently and accurately locate and check the welding effect during the welding process. Generally equipped with ccd display system or microscope.
laser welding machine

    Working principle of fiber laser welding machine and YAG laser welding machine
    Working principle of fiber laser welding machine
    When the pump light passes through the rare earth ions in the optical fiber, it will be absorbed by the rare earth ions. At this time, the rare earth atom electrons that absorb the photon energy will be excited to a higher laser energy level, thereby realizing the inversion of the ion number. The counter ion number will transfer from the high energy level to the ground state in the form of radiation, and release energy to complete the stimulated radiation. The laser produced by the fiber laser welder is output through the fiber and matched with the supporting table to complete the corresponding welding. Fiber laser welding machine is divided into pulse fiber laser welding machine and continuous fiber laser welding machine. Among them, the pulsed fiber laser welding machine can adjust the single point energy of the laser pulse by setting the laser peak power, frequency and pulse width. The fiber laser welder can adjust the output laser power by setting the average laser power.
    The working principle of YAG laser welding machine
    The laser power source first illuminates the pulsed xenon lamp, and then pulses the xenon lamp through the laser power source to form a light wave with a certain frequency and a certain pulse width. The light wave radiates to the Nd~(3+): YAG laser crystal through the focusing cavity, excites the Nd~(3+: YAG) laser crystal to emit light, then resonates in the laser cavity, and then emits 1064 nm pulsed laser. The pulsed laser is focused on the object to be welded after beam expansion and reflection (or fiber optic transmission). Under the control of PLC or industrial PC, the      CNC workbench is moved to complete the welding. The frequency, pulse width, waveform, table speed and movement direction of the pulse laser required for welding can be controlled by a single-chip microcomputer, PLC or industrial PC. By setting different frequencies and pulse widths, the energy of the pulsed laser can be controlled.
laser welding machine

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