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What is the reason for the attenuation of 500 W laser cutting machine
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    Laser cutting machines have always been regarded as the fastest laser processing equipment, but the properties of different metals are also different, so the processing capabilities of metal laser cutting machines are also different, so today we take a 500 W laser cutting machine as an example to analyze different metals Material, and the difference in processing. 500 W metal laser cutting machine cutting carbon steel thickness?
    Carbon steel has high carbon content, soft material and easy to cut. Generally the cutting thickness can reach 6mm.
    The maximum thickness of 500 W fiber laser cutting machine for cutting stainless steel, aluminum and copper plates is 3mm, 2mm and 2mm respectively.
    What are the factors that affect the thickness of carbon steel cut by fiber laser cutting machine? In the actual application process, the cutting ability of the laser cutting machine is also related to the quality of the cutting machine, laser type, cutting environment, cutting speed and other factors. The use of auxiliary gas can also improve the cutting ability, so there is no absolute standard to judge the cutting thickness.
    For example, carbon steel cutting mainly relies on oxygen combustion, and stainless steel cutting mainly relies on power. Under normal circumstances, the 1000 W fiber laser cutting machine can cut carbon steel plates of about 10 mm. Stainless steel plates are a bit difficult to cut. In order to increase the cutting thickness, the edge effect and speed of cutting are sacrificed.
    What is the reason for the attenuation of 500 W laser cutting machine?
    1. The environment and conditions of the production site have a great influence on the power of the laser cutting machine. Such as the quality of compressed air (mainly oil filter, dryness, dust). There is a lot of dust and smoke at the production site. Some users place spray paint near the laser cutting machine, which will affect the cutting quality and cutting ability of the fiber laser cutting machine.
    2. The problem of the laser itself. The metal laser cutting machine needs regular maintenance of the external light path of the laser generator. In fact, after the laser of the laser cutting machine works for a period of time, the power drop is inevitable. When power drops affect production, the laser and the external optical path must be maintained. When the repair is completed, the cutting capacity will be restored to the level of the factory. So how to maintain the metal laser cutting machine?
    In fact, for laser cutting machines, no matter how good the laser equipment is, there will be decay and aging. Even the new type of laser equipment-fiber laser cutting machine that outputs high energy density laser beam is no exception. Therefore, when using a fiber laser cutting machine, you should pay attention to maintenance, fully remove the light, and solve the attenuation of the fiber laser cutting machine.

    Application of laser cutting machine in fitness equipment industry
    With the improvement of people's living standards, in addition to paying more attention to health, people are gradually paying attention to their own beauty. It is this demand that has promoted the development of the fitness industry, and the continuous expansion of the fitness team has also brought strong business opportunities to fitness equipment manufacturers.
    If fitness equipment manufacturers want to remain invincible under this new situation, they must increase technological innovation, strive to improve product quality, and strengthen independent research and development capabilities. In recent years, the application of laser cutting technology has become more mature and gradually applied to the processing of fitness equipment.
    Compared with the traditional cutting process, the laser cutting machine can cut better quality workpieces and reduce the processing steps. The laser cutting machine has the characteristics of high flexibility, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency and short production cycle. It has gradually become an indispensable processing method in the fitness industry, and has produced a huge boost to the fitness industry.
    The sports fitness equipment manufacturing industry is a new star in the laser application field. Due to the large number of pipe processing and relatively few sheet metal processing in this industry, pipe cutting and stamping processes are often required, so it is very necessary to choose a device that can cut and punch. It can complete the cutting of various shapes of pipes, and process any complex curve graphics on the pipe surface, which is not limited by the difficulty of graphics. The steel pipe cutting section does not require secondary processing and can be directly welded, which greatly shortens the production cycle and creates unlimited value for the enterprise.

    Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine in elevator manufacturing
    With the vigorous development of my country's economy, especially the rapid development of real estate infrastructure, the demand for elevators and accessories is also rising, and the elevator manufacturing and elevator accessories industry has entered a new stage of development.
It is estimated that China's market has reached 100 billion US dollars. The contradiction between the ever-increasing product demand and outdated production technology has become increasingly prominent, and the application of laser technology in elevator manufacturing has become increasingly widespread.
    In the 1990s, the whole plant basically used multi-station punches for sheet metal processing. With the continuous maturity and improvement of laser processing technology, laser cutting technology has gradually been applied to the elevator industry, highlighting its unique differentiated advantages. There are many kinds of sheet metal parts in the elevator industry, and the quantity is small, which needs to be determined according to the needs of customers. The surface finish requirements of stainless steel decorative panels are relatively high.
    With the improvement of people's aesthetic level, the variety of colors and shapes of products gradually increases, and the contours are complex, which cannot reach the general processing methods. Light
    Fiber laser cutting machine has the advantages of flexible processing method, short processing cycle, good cutting effect, high processing flexibility, high degree of automation, high degree of intelligence, etc., which reduces product development and production costs, improves elevator quality, and effectively reduces The labor intensity of the operator. With strong strength and optimized production process, it has become the new darling of the elevator manufacturing industry.

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