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What is the difference between CNC engraving machine and CNC material opening machine
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    CNC engraving machine is intelligent engraving equipment, CNC material opening machine is intelligent board furniture material opening equipment.
    CNC cutting machine and CNC engraving machine have overlapping functions, cutting machine is mainly used for board furniture cutting, punching and grooving, milling edge, carving and other functions, and engraving machine is mainly used for plate or three-dimensional relief, hollow carving, three-dimensional carving and other functions.In addition, from the price, the opening machine price is higher than CNC engraving machine a lot of factors affecting the price is mainly reflected in the configuration and control system.Engraving machine configuration is usually ordinary lathe bed, smouldering fire guide rail sliding block are generally 20 models, most of mesa structure are the soft PVC, aluminum alloy, most of them are domestic stepper motor driven motor rack rack and select the relatively small modulus of 1.25 purpose, the integrated embodiment of these configuration is running slow, heavy load for long run situation will lead to inaccurate throw step precision, even affect the service life of the machine.
    Cutting machine configuration of most of them are now double increase five surface milling machine body, stable and firm performance are relatively engraving machine to improve a lot, and the overall weight than carving machine body double even more mesa structure is mostly hard mesa of fire retardant PVC vacuum adsorption and cutting machine in order to satisfy the plate cutting this kind of high precision, heavy work load and mostly select 25 or 30 types of side rail slider, and in the x, y axis are equipped with reducer, b axial equipped with brake device, rack is mostly choose 1.5 mu, the drive motor is domestic hybrid servo closed-loop servo or pure imported servo motor,This not only meets the standard of fast speed and high precision, but also can meet the requirement of long time processing and improve the processing efficiency.
    The other is the configuration of the two spindles above, engraving machine is generally a small power water-cooled spindles or small power air-cooled spindles, generally 1.5 kW, 2.2 kW, 3.2 kW.In order to cut plates at high speed, the openers are mostly equipped with high-power air-cooled spindles, such as 45W, 6K, 9W and 12KW
    Then there are the differences in the use of software. Engraving machines are generally fine carving, Ventai, ARTCAM, PM and other software to facilitate the operation of carving, cutting and embossing.And open material machine because the requirement on the function, mostly use a few professional open sheet open material software, if cloud xi, alpha, new dawn yuan, 1010, the professional cabinet cabinet door software such as haixun.It is more convenient to learn and operate, and more powerful to realize functions.
    With supporting typesetting software, the material opener can realize online design, 3D effect drawing, 2D effect drawing, one-key disassembly, optimized layout, automatic hole arrangement and other functions with vacuum adsorption table, greatly improving the processing efficiency.And install the different shape of the flower knife, not only can achieve all the functions of the carving machine, and do cabinet door, wooden door modeling, compared to the carving machine is more than.
    The above is the difference between the basic engraving machine and the CNC opening machine, in addition to the details of the two machines are also very different if you are interested in understanding the message advisory.

    Everyone know CNC engraving machine according to the models to points, small 3030609 0121 2, 1325162, 5182 and 2125, if according to the spindle motor power points is 1.5 kW, 2.2 kW, 3.7 kW, 5.5 kW, 6.0 kW, 9.0 kW or more, according to the transmission way points, a rack drive and lead screw drive two, according to the working way points, there are two step system and servo system, in the face of so many styles, so the user how can choose and buy CNC engraving machine?Today from four aspects to give you a detailed introduction
    1, the bed to stabilize the CNC engraving machine bed must be firm and not out of shape, otherwise the CNC engraving machine will produce shaking in the engraving plate, leading to the head does not follow the prescribed path to walk and ultimately waste the plate about this, the user can make a judgment when the manufacturer tries to carve.
    2, carving faster in modern processing industry, speed is equal to efficiency, in efforts to achieve the requirements of the situation, then set out to improve speed from configuration, high-end CNC engraving opportunities brand servo motor and servo drive, fast processing at the same time, in a guarantee for a long time driving system will not hot, and not more than carving machine load.
    3, precision to accuracy is the most important priority of CNC engraving machine, machine to ensure high-speed processing at the same time to ensure the stability of high precision, which requires the engraving machine factory has rich production experience, whether carving or cutting to achieve a long time to work well, and smooth and straight carving.
    4, the size of the spindle motor power to fit the spindle motor power determines the strength of CNC engraving machine engraving, woodworking industry, for example, we all know that engraving machine has three big functions of cutting, embossing and punching and cutting for engraving machine cutting plate, it will need to use the power of spindle machines, but in relief carving only 1-2 mm is ok, so the use of small power such as 1.5 kW and 2.2 kW spindle motor.Secondly, the spindle motor is also air-cooled and water-cooled. Compared with air-cooled spindle motor, water-cooled spindle motor has low noise. Of course, water-cooled spindle motor is not necessarily better than air-cooled spindle motor, which is also related to the regional climate.
    I believe that will choose and buy CNC engraving machine customers after reading this article, the heart also has a bottom, of course, seeing is believing, the customer most need to be able to see the machine on the scene to make a sample try carving, so as to make a more perfect choice.

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