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What factors influence the price of laser cutting machine
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    What factors influence the price of laser cutting machine?
    Laser cutting machine will be used in many fields of our occasions, the results are also quite good.What about the price of a laser cutter?What factors affect it?How can we make better choices?
    When it comes to the price of laser cutting machine. first, it must involve its basic production team and technology.At present, there are many laser cutting machine manufacturers on the market.Prices vary depending on the process and product quality provided by different teams.If you want to guarantee the basic practical benefits at the time of purchase, you'd better choose a team with high profile and good product usage reviews.The technology and quality provided by this laser cutter is relatively more assured, so its price will be higher than that of the average team.
    Secondly, the price of laser cutting machine is directly related to the different types of cutting machine.Generally, the production team of laser cutting machine will provide the corresponding model and quotation type, and the friend who buys the laser cutting machine can also view the model and quotation in a more intuitive and optimistic way, so it has a very good guiding effect on their own procurement.
    In general, when choosing a laser cutting machine you can first see if there are friends used, or can be compared on the official website, to see which manufacturers of quality and reputation is better, so you can make a good choice, to ensure the actual benefits of the base.Of course, I can choose the matching mode according to my own needs and consider the price, so as to play its effect better. I don't know whether I have mastered its basic price factors and purchasing knowledge.

    Optical fiber laser cutting machine is widely used
    The most important and important advantage of optical fiber laser cutting machine technology should be its energy efficiency.The electro-optical conversion efficiency of optical fiber laser cutting system is higher than that of CO2 laser cutting system under the condition of integrated solid state digital module and single design of optical fiber laser.For each power unit of the CO2 reduction system, the actual utilization rate is about 8%~10%.
    For laser cutting machine systems, users can expect higher power efficiency, about 25 to 30 percent.In other words, the total energy consumption of the fiber cutting system is three to five times that of the CARBON dioxide cutting system, increasing the energy efficiency to more than 86 percent.
    Fiber laser cutting machine is an advanced equipment, which can greatly improve the productivity of sheet metal parts processing.It has the advantages of high processing precision, short processing cycle, no need to replace the traditional stamping die in the processing process, can process any complex parts, etc., and has been used by more and more switch equipment manufacturing enterprises.
    At present, laser cutting machine is the result of current technology development.At present, laser technology is developing and maturing.It has been used in many industries.Optical fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in all walks of life because of its high efficiency and high precision can meet the increasingly advanced processing requirements of all walks of life.
    Fiber laser is a new kind of laser device developed in recent years.It is also one of the hot technologies in the field of optoelectronic information at home and abroad.Because of its advantages in optical mode and service life, fiber laser has become the representative of a new generation of solid-state lasers. It has been widely studied and developed rapidly at home and abroad, and has a broad prospect of development.
    Optical fiber laser cutting machine is a great job in the development of laser technology.The rapid development of optical fiber laser technology also promotes the development of optical fiber laser cutting machine.Optical fiber laser cutting machine is fast in use, the use cost is only 20%-30% of the traditional equipment.Optical fiber lasers can also reduce the use of lenses, greatly reducing production and maintenance costs.
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    Analysis of system composition of laser cutting machine
    Laser cutting machine system is generally composed of laser generator, (external) beam transmission element, working table (machine tool), computer numerical control cabinet, cooler and computer (hardware and software).
    1. Laser generator.
    Except for a few YAG solid-state lasers, most of the laser cutting machines use CO2 gas lasers, which have high electro-optical conversion efficiency and high output power.Because laser cutting requires high beam quality, not all lasers can be used for cutting.
    2. CNC cutting machine.
    It consists of three parts, namely, the working table (usually a precision machine tool), the beam transmission system (sometimes called the external optical path, that is, the beam transmission light and mechanical components throughout the optical path of the laser beam before it reaches the workpiece) and the microcomputer numerical control system.According to the moving mode of cutting cabinet relative to the working table, it can be divided into the following three types:
    (1) During the cutting process, the beam (issued by the cutting torch) and the table move.In general, the beam moves in the Y direction and the table moves in the X direction.
    (2) In the process of cutting, only the beam (cutting torch) move, the table does not move.
    (3) In the process of cutting, only the table is moved and the beam (cutting torch) is fixed.
    3. Five-axis machine.
    In the industrial production, in the general two and three axis at the same time, there are some problems that need to cut 3d parts.Laser cutting machines can only cut two-dimensional workpiece, which requires a cutting machine with a manipulator, namely a five-axis cutting machine.
    Laser cutting machine.
    The machine adopts mechanical method to punch the inner hole of the workpiece with complex shape, and then USES laser cutting method to cut the outer edge and the line that needs to be cut for a long distance.
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