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What effect does the uneven density of the metal plate have on the fiber laser cutting mac
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    What effect does the uneven density of the metal plate have on the fiber laser cutting machine?
    The uneven density of the metal plate and its effect on the fiber laser cutting machine? Some customers cut some parts in the process of cutting the board, but the cutting effect of some parts is not good. why? In fact, when cutting metal, the density of the metal plate still has a greater impact on fiber laser cutting. For example, when the density of stainless steel plates is higher, the cutting difficulty coefficient is greater. However, if the workmanship of the same board is poor, the internal density will be different. Just like some thick metal plates, the thickness is the same, but the internal structure of the plate is not uniform. The density may be different in some places. Therefore, during the processing time of the fiber laser cutting machine, if the density of the sheet is different, the cutting may be opaque or the cutting seam may be different.
    Therefore, fiber laser cutting machines have relatively high requirements for materials, with slightly different material densities, different sheet thicknesses, and different cutting effects.
    Some metal plates are not well shaped when they are cut. In fiber laser cutting machine processing, the processing of materials is not easy to control. The shape of the plate is good, and the thickness of the material is uneven, which also affects the focal length of the machine cutting. When cutting the material, the board must be as flat as possible. Therefore, the density of processing fiber laser cutting machine is still very large, the higher the density, the slower the cutting speed.

    How much is the 3000 W fiber laser cutting machine?
    Optical fiber laser cutting machine mainly processes thin metal plates, including carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloy plates, etc. Among them, 1500~3000 W is the most commonly used, can process 1-12mm plates, and is also the most cost-effective product of Longtai laser . How much is the 1500~3000 W fiber laser cutting machine?
    1000 W fiber cutting machine, about 200,000 yuan;
    1500 W fiber cutting machine is about 250,000 yuan;
    2000 W fiber cutting machine is about 330,000 yuan;
    3000 W fiber cutting machine is about 500,000 yuan!
    As we all know, when the laser cutting machine cuts, the laser beam will gradually drop. If the thickness of the cutting piece is large, the cutting accuracy will be reduced and the cutting gap will also increase.
    Therefore, different materials will also affect the accuracy of economical laser cutting machines. Under the same circumstances, the cutting accuracy of stainless steel and aluminum will be very different. Improve the cutting precision of stainless steel and make the cutting surface smoother.
    With the development of optical fiber laser cutting machine, the price of fiber cutting machine has dropped due to the improvement of manufacturer's technology. If the company does not upgrade its equipment, it should have the courage to abandon the traditional flame cutting or plasma cutting, buy a really cheap fiber laser cutting machine, and enjoy the high-speed precision processing mode!
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    Laser cutting machine ground wire and anti-leakage measures
    Because the laser cutting machine has sensors such as high-power lasers, power converters, and electromagnetic filters, these components can generate electromagnetic interference to a certain extent.
    In order to ensure the stability of the equipment, minimize electromagnetic interference, and avoid a series of failures caused by these interferences, laser cutting machine manufacturers require companies to meet the following requirements:
    1. The voltage is 220 V. If the voltage is out of range or unstable, a stabilizer should be installed;
    2. The power socket must comply with the standards for wires, neutral wires and ground wires;
    3. Provide the following reliable grounding measures:
    (1) First, look for wetlands around the house, dig out a 1.5×3 square meter deep pit, then insert a 1500 mm angle steel into the soil, connect the conductive elements around the screw with a 330 mm flat iron or 8 mm screw, tighten the nut and bury it firmly , The exposed part should be 2m higher than the ground.
    (2) After the grounding is completed, use this instrument to measure the resistance of the grounding wire to less than 5 ohms.
    (3) Use resistance measurement, use 2.5 wire ends on the ground, and other end users' electrical equipment needs to be connected to the ground socket.
    (4) Replace ordinary leakage protectors with larger leakage protectors.
    (5) Install a non-leakage short circuit protector.
    (6) Install transformers in the workshop.
    4. If the power of the large fan and cooler is greater than 750 W, a separate socket should be used for power supply.
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