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What causes the tool of the engraving machine to be broken
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    In the process of using engraving machine, we are often caused by the improper setting and operation of the engraving machine tool, from the cutting tool itself, because the cutting tool is not enough to bear the current cutting force, the following is to share the common reasons for carving tool cutting tool and how to solve and avoid carving machine cutting tool.
    Engraving machine cut reason
    1, the processing program: the processing program is the engraving processing instruction, it contains the position instruction and the speed instruction, is the basis of the machine tool movement, so the processing program is correct and reasonable directly affects whether the tool will break, if the processing program itself is a cutting program, then the subsequent processing can not be carried out.The main factors that affect the cutting load are cutting parameters and machining parameters. If the cutting parameters are set too large, which exceeds the cutting tool's bearing capacity, the cutting tool will be this section in the machining.Similarly, unreasonable setting of machining parameters, such as too high feeding speed, will also break during machining.
    2, the engraving machine itself is the executor of the engraving processing, is also the engraving power provider, whether the engraving machine is chosen correctly in the processing, whether the current state of the engraving machine is normal will become the influencing factor of the cutting tool.
    3, the tool is a tool for carving processing, whether it will break with its own quality is good, whether the strength is enough has a direct relationship,
    4, the clamping state of the tool clamping is not complete, the radial runout is large, or the tool depth length is too long, may cause cutting tool.
    5. Processing materials.Engraving material is the object to be processed, the material itself if the hardness is not uniform, impurities will cause the knife.
    6. Workpiece clamping.If the workpiece clamping is not solid or the clamping is not firm will cause the cutter to break.
    7, the cutting fluid in the processing of hard metal is obvious.There is no spray coolant, or cutting fluid.Like processing stone, or material is very hard material, need to spray coolant, to avoid overheating of the tool, resulting in the cutter.
    8, programming error.The program is written into the cutting depth is too large, if the cutting parameter setting is too large, beyond the capacity of the tool, the tool is too fine, resulting in no chip, thereby breaking the tool.
    9. Spindle motor.Whether the spindle motor speed is too low, the spindle motor speed is too low, each tooth per rotary draft will become large, so the cutting force will become large, will cause the cutter, in general, we use the spindle speed or a little bit too high.
    10, long time no change tool in itself on the hardness, strength, and sharpness, do not have good control acceleration, then cutting knife is natural, so I asked often check the cutting tool wear, wear serious change to move it early, because of the wear of cutting tool not only for engraving effect is bad, the carving machine itself is bad, do not point in order to save a little, causing a greater loss.
    11,The level of the machine operator determines the behavior of the machine operator.
    12. The surrounding environment, such as the vibration source around, will affect the machining state and lead to the cutter breaking. The abnormal working state of the machine will also lead to the cutter breaking due to the unstable voltage or beyond the working range of the engraving machine.
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    How to solve:
    1. When the cutting tool is suddenly broken during the operation of the engraving machine, please stop or stop the operation in time.
    2, and then write down the current segment number, which is used later.
    3, when the spindle completely stopped after the replacement of a new tool, because it is basically a manual tool, it will inevitably lead to a change in the height of a direction, at this time just use the knife block to re-determine the direction of the origin can be.
    4, be sure to find the menu operation after completion of the "advanced" began to function, the dialog box requirement to input the start line segment, the segment number is a beginning to stop the machine to write down the number, than when the input number began to break down the smaller Numbers, specific how many small according to find time to determine the cutting knife.
    5. If you're late, subtract a few more Numbers.By default, the end of the file is enough.In this way, the CNC woodworking engraving machine can automatically continue the unfinished part of the engraving.
    Note: The point of this process is the paragraph number, according to this paragraph number can be continued.If this number is not recorded in time when the knife is broken, then the following work will be difficult to do, it is likely that the whole process before was done in vain.

    How to avoid carving machine cutting as far as possible
    1, CNC engraving machine surface must be milling;
    2. Before engraving, the plate must be fixed and stable by vacuum adsorption. If there is no vacuum adsorption, the plate should be fixed and fixed horizontally
    3, CNC engraving machine tool must be upright, perpendicular to the spindle;
    4, CNC engraving machine before moving, must check whether the spindle is firm, can not have any loose
    5. The engraving speed is also the reason for cutting the knife. The speed is slow and the temperature is high, so it is easy to break the knife.Fast speed, high resistance, easy to break the knife.So when cutting, must be based on the thickness of the plate, material, etc. to control the engraving speed.

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