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What are the transmission modes of the engraving machine?
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In the operation of the engraving machine, transmission equipment is of course indispensable. From the perspective of ordinary production lines, there are two transmission modes most commonly used in engraving machines, namely ball screw transmission and rack and pinion transmission. What are the differences between these two transmission modes and what are their characteristics?

Ball screw drive

Ball screw is the most commonly used transmission element in machine tools and machinery. Its main function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion, or convert torque into axial repetitive force, and it has both high precision and reversibility.
  The ball screw is composed of a screw, a nut and a ball. Its function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion, which is a further extension and development of ball screws. The important significance of this development is to change the bearing from rolling motion to sliding motion. Because of its small frictional resistance, ball screws are widely used in various industrial equipment and precision instruments.
The ball screw seems to be higher in physical accuracy than the rack in terms of transmission theory, but the actual application structure on the cutting machine is unreasonable, the stroke is too long, the screw is too thin and easily deformed, the jitter is severe, the processing speed is too slow, and the processing time is too long. Pipeline operation, accuracy is not guaranteed, and there is no way to repair!

Gear rack drive

The rack-and-pinion transmission is to transform the reciprocating linear motion of the rack into the rotary motion of the gear, or the rotary motion of the gear into the reciprocating linear motion of the rack. Gear transmission is used to transmit the movement and power between any two shafts. It is the most widely used mechanical transmission in modern machinery.
    Then why there are a large number of rack machines in the engraving machine and the price of the rack machine is more expensive than the screw machine. It is because of faster processing speed and efficiency. Because the fixing method of the screw is that the bearing is fixed for a long part of the distance, it is suspended, so when the screw machine is set to high-speed feed, a certain amount of resonance will occur, which will affect the finish. If a strong enough lead screw is used to solve this problem, the required lead screw will be more expensive and need to be equipped with a drive motor with sufficient power.
  The application of the rack can make up for this deficiency, because the rack is completely fixed to the machine body on one side, and the resonance is small, and the rack structure is one side, so that the stability of the engraving machine can be guaranteed. Secondly, because there are two or more motors in a set, the price is slightly more expensive than the lead screw, but compared with the thicker lead screw and the huge driving motor, the price is very cost-effective, and the accuracy is indeed higher than that of the same specification lead screw. Confidential.
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