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What are the requirements for the working environment of the laser cutting machines
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     Laser cutting machine operating environment requirements
     Although the product performance of the laser cutting machine itself is very good, the operating environment must meet the standard in order to exert good performance. Otherwise, once it is operated in a place that does not meet its working conditions, it will not only affect the working efficiency of the equipment, but also cause losses. So, what should be paid attention to in the working environment of laser cutting machine?
     1. Temperature
    Laser cutting machines generally work in a constant temperature environment. Only under constant temperature conditions can the normal operation of the equipment and the processing accuracy of the equipment be guaranteed. The working temperature of the semiconductor in the cutting machine is required to be below 40~45℃. When the room temperature reaches 35℃, the internal temperature of the electric cabinet can reach above 40℃. When the room temperature is too high, the failure rate of the CNC system will increase. Therefore, in order for the system to work normally, the operating temperature should not exceed 35°C.
    2. Voltage
    The power supply voltage fluctuates greatly, which will cause the laser cutting machine to be in the voltage or overvoltage alarm, and even data loss. Therefore, the voltage is generally required to be within ±10% of the rated operating value. If the voltage is unstable, it is recommended to provide a regulated power supply.
    3. Dustproof
    In the long-term cutting process, if there is no good dust removal effect, the conductive dust will affect the health of the operator. In addition, if the electrical cabinet is not properly closed, dust will enter the electrical cabinet and deposit on the circuit board or module, which will cause damage to electrical components, especially high-voltage components. Therefore, the equipment should be equipped with good dust removal equipment.
    4. Humidity
    The relative humidity of the working environment required by the tool is generally less than 75%. Because the water molecules in the air will condense on the circuit board or drive device of the power supply after cutting off the high temperature and humidity cutting machine. When it works again, condensation on the circuit board can cause a short circuit, which can cause the machine to malfunction.
    5. Ground wire
    The normal operation of the equipment must be well grounded.
    6. Avoid direct sunlight
    Avoid direct sunlight on the laser cutting machine. The room should be equipped with good lighting equipment.
    7. Ventilation
    Under the above working conditions, we mentioned humidity and conductive dust. Ventilation is a very natural elimination method. Effective ventilation can better ensure the good operation of the cutting machine and the health of the operators.
    Therefore, when installing the laser cutting machine, it must be installed in a place that meets the above working conditions to better avoid interference from external factors such as the environment, so that the cutting machine equipment can work normally.

    Advantages and characteristics of CNC laser cutting machine
    Compared with traditional metal forming equipment, CNC laser cutting machine has advantages.
    With the continuous development of science and technology, CNC laser cutting machines have been widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile and power generation equipment manufacturing and other industrial fields, and are developing in the direction of increasing the thickness of the cutting board, the cutting speed and the dimensional accuracy of the cutting workpiece. The CNC laser cutting machine has the advantages of fast cutting speed, good cutting quality, high cutting precision, and complete inheritance of the three characteristics of laser cutting technology. Compared with other machines, it has the following advantages:
    Simple operation and stable performance
    The CNC laser cutting machine only needs simple training for the operator. In the manufacturers of CNC laser cutting machines, new technologies continue to develop, and some equipment can also be added with automatic loading and unloading devices, which saves labor costs and makes wide application a priority.
    The material to be processed is not limited by shape.
    The CNC laser cutting machine is not affected by the hardness of the material. Graphics of any shape can be cut with only imported drawings and no molds are required.
    The processing method of non-contact test is adopted, and the processing material is not damaged.
    The CNC laser cutting machine can complete the cutting process without touching the surface of the workpiece. It also has the auxiliary gas function, which makes the cutting surface smooth, the cutting gap is very narrow, saves a lot of material, and improves the effect.
widely used
    CNC laser cutting machine can be used in a variety of industries, different power lasers, can meet multi-purpose, multi-layer cutting, can be used to cut carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, brewing washing board, aluminum zinc Board and other materials.
    It can be seen that the CNC laser cutting machine has been widely used in various industries by virtue of its processing advantages and the characteristics of laser cutting technology. It is one of the technologies widely used in today's equipment.

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